Wayeh Ikkunatok “Tok”

(Wayeh First to Nome “TD” X Wayeh Apache Star “Mensa”)
WS63400202, born 11/8/2018, 20″/38# skinny working weight @ 3 months, SEAL & white female (mxtd18-f2)
10-generation Co-Efficient of Inbreeding (COI) 8.0% (anything under 7% is an outcross but Tok doubles on great-grandma Artic-Luv’s Honey Bear “Honey”)
OFA (pending) CERF (pending), Thyroid (pending)
Breeder/Owner/Handler Sidney Helen Sachs

Our Honey is Tok’s double great-grandma

My 4yo neice Sloane named the litter after Dinosaur Train, so this one was Tiny. And like the ironically named Rowdy of Nome, who was named because he was NOT, Tiny turned out to be very much NOT. Tok, in Inuit means TINY. We call her Tiny Tok. Which is small in 2 languages. A double negative, meaning the opposite. This pup grew early and fast. She’s got 12# on her littermates at 3 months. But she’s also sweetly soft and already starting her backpack/hiking training. See the Training Logs for more.



ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
Wayeh First to Nome "TD"UWP Wayeh Wanna Be a Cowboy AWP "Wyatt"Wayeh Song Writer "Amak"
UWP Wayeh Notorious Cheyenne "Tori"
Wayeh Bearing Sea "Grace"AKC mjr ptd UWP Wayeh Rtic Seas "Akai"
Artic-Luv's Honey Bear "Honey"
Wayeh Apache Star "Mensa"UWP Wayeh-Mystic Peace Train AWP "Pax"INT CH Ksarah's Hope Inditarod "Brady"
INT CH Black Ice's Heartbreak Hannah "Hannah"
Wayeh Grizzly Bear "Kiowa"INT CH UWP Wayeh Singn N Howln Masasyu "Maestro"
Artic-Luv's Honey Bear "Honey"


Tok is Wayeh’s 12th Generation of HOMEBRED Alaskan Malamutes.

  1. Wayeh Needa Mist ROM OB-ROM “Wayeh”
  2. Wayeh’s Nvwati Svnoyi ROM “Midnight”
  3. CH Wayeh’s Sassafras Lass “Razzy”
  4. Wayeh’s Shoshone Sunwalker IWPA-WWPDX ” Shoney”
  5. CH Wayeh’s Arctic Wind’s Shadow CGC TT TDI “Shadow”
  6. CH Wayeh’s Cherokee Summer CGC WTD “Summer”
  7. CH Wayeh’s Soul Song CGC RN WTD WLD “Singer”
  8. Wayeh Sings To The Rtic Moon CGC RN RA WTD UWP “Seranade”
  9. AKC mjr ptd UWP Wayeh Rtic Seas “Akai”
  10. Wayeh Bearing Sea “Grace”
  11. Wayeh First to Nome “TD”
  12. Wayeh Ikkunatok “Tiny Tok”

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