House Training

You’ve got a new puppy!

It’s an exciting time for both of you. We’d like to take some of the stress out of training your puppy.

Usually, the first priority is potty training, or “housebreaking” the puppy. Here’s an almost foolproof method that’s easier on you and your puppy.

1) Remember, your puppy is a baby. He has just left the only place he has ever known, with his mother and his brothers and sisters. Treat him as you would a baby.

2) Don’t hit your puppy. (Would you hit a baby?)

3) Don’t expect him to know what you’re saying. He doesn’t understand many words yet.

4) Be patient. You will have to repeat each lesson several times.

5) Don’t yell. It only scares and confuses him.

6) Don’t hit your puppy. (Just a reminder.)

7) When potty training, don’t rub his nose in it! (Again, would you do that to a baby?)

8) Praise him EVERY time he does something right,

9) Don’t let anyone else hit your puppy.

Try to avoid the old newspapers-spread-on-the-kitchen- (or bathroom or laundry room) floor. What that teaches puppy is that it’s okay to go potty on that floor (or on any newspaper he happens upon). Think about your someday full grown dog leaving Lake PeePee on your kitchen floor because you taught him to.

Instead, try this:


1) Lots of patience
2) Dog crate
3) Soft toy and chew toy
4) Small cookies
5) Nature’s Miracle
6) Old blankets/towels
7) More patience

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