Wayeh Beginnings

Wayeh Beginnings

Where we came from.

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Wayeh Working Housedogs

Available Adult Malamutes & Available Malamute Puppies

Since 1981, Wayeh (WHY-uh) Working Housedogs has produced FOURTEEN generations of AKC Alaskan Malamutes.  They do the jobs they were originally intended to do (packing, sledding, and weight pulling) while living in a modern home environment (conformation, obedience, and therapy) and sleeping on the couch. The best gift we can give our dogs is a job.

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Dreamer dreamin’

The puppy is the first step. The next step is giving them a JOB. Take them for a walk around the neighborhood. Take them to town for a walk around a feed store, lumberyard, or pet store. Take them to the mountains. Go for a hike, climb a mountain, or hang a hammock… Just GO!

Wayeh Malamutes are up for any challenge. They can do just about anything you decide to do.

As a breeder it is my responsibility to only use dogs who are a credit to their breed.  As owners it is your responsibility to give the dogs a job they love.

If for no other reason than a tired dog is an obedient dog.

Wayeh Mals are ambassadors for the breed wherever they go.

  • From therapy visits to nursing homes and shut-ins.
  • From seizure-alert to service dogs. 
  • Early morning loose-leash walks to Companion Dog Excellents, multi-numbered RAEs, and the world’s first Rally Obedience Champion, any breed, any kennel club, any where on the planet. 
  • From hiking the Cumberland Trail segments to week-long winter camping trips in the frozen north. 
  • From pulling brush in the backyard to weightpull titles and regional medals.
  • From zipping around a bike path on a scooter to back-country carting.
  • From chasing varmints in the garden to nose work, barn hunt, and tracking titles. 
  • From splashing on the shoreline to dock diving. 
  • From playtime at your local dog park to two generations of ROM bitches, Top Southern Area and Nationally ranked Malamutes, multiple group-winning and multiple Best In Show Malamutes. 

Alaskan Malamutes aren’t just a hobby, they’re a lifestyle. Take them with you to pick up the mail, it’ll make their whole day. Take them with you on a walk around the neighborhood, on a trip to the store, up in the mountains or down to the shore. It’ll be good for them, great for you. Just get up and go.