Sidney’s Siberians

Sidney started with a second-hand Siberian who was first class all the way in the things that counted: tolerance for her human’s many mistakes; an ability to train her human; temperament, temperament, & temperament.  Tosha rocks, for all her conformation faults and medical faults, she’s still one of the best dogs ever.  From there Sidney got into rescue, from there she met some wonderful show breeders, Judy Pilkay (Juroblyn), Betty & Chuck Charlton (Solocha), and, of course, Billie Stewart (Wayeh Malamutes).

Sidney assembled a motley crew of Siberians (and Malamutes) and, along with a used and much-battered 3-wheeled racing rig, she started running the dogs.

Ever wonder what it would be like to hook 6 fireballs to a dogsled and launch yourself down a snow-covered driveway straight towards a 4-lane highway?  See pic above.  Sidney driving, Misha & Chief at wheel, Echo & John at swing, Nu & Mark in lead. 

The Sibes

Then came the Wayeh Malamutes, starting with Summer

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