Therapy & sled dog, Chief Chuckhi”Chief” (1993-2000) 7yo, gray/white, blue-eyed, neutered male
Chief was supposed to be a rescue.  But he stayed.  I tried placing him several times.  I always backed out at the last moment, found the adopters another dog.  Chief was severely displastic.  The vet gave me the choice of euthanizing him as a 4yo or teaching him to swim.  So we rowed out into the middle of the lake and Chief wore the look of betrayal even before I tossed him over.  He learned to swim.  And gradually his muscles became strong enough to support what his skeleton could not.  Chief ran on our sled team from 1995 to Spring 2000.  And then along came Misha, Mark, & Echo.  

Mark & Chief

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