ADAK Litter 2020 (Sailor X Bayou)

Wayeh Inuit Seafarer “Sailor”
X Wayeh Get a Lil Mud on UR Tires “Bayou”

if you are interested in purchasing
a Wayeh Alaskan Malamute Puppy.

10-gen COI 18%, anything under 7% is an outcross, but this pedigree doubles on the sugar-sweet AKC mjr ptd UWP Wayeh Rtic Seas “Akai.”
Born 8/13, go-home 9 weeks later on 10/15/20.

Papa Sailor: 10-gen COI 7% outcross, OFA Good, Thyroid normal, CERF clear, 82#, 24″, gray & normal coarse (weatherproof) coat
Mama Bayou 10-gen COI 10% linebreeding, OFA (prelim) Good, Thyroid normal, CERF clear, 70#, 23″ (standard), agouti & a lovely harsh coarse (weatherproof) coat like her Kotzebue ancestors. Masked like gr-papa Akai & gr-gr-papa Clay.

The Puppies

  • F1 (Red Agouti) Wayeh Reddy When U R “Cedar” (staying @ Wayeh)
  • F4 (Hot-pink-collared Agouti) (NV)
  • F5 (Pink-collared Agouti) Wayeh Mudtastic “P!nk” (TN)
  • F6 (Red-collared Agouti) Wayeh Muddy Rivers at SummerIce “River” (SummerIce Mals in Tallahasse, FL
  • F7 (Teal-collared Agouti) KY
  • F8 gray female “Gra-zelle” (TN)
  • M2 (Big Boy Agouti) Wayeh Won if by Mud Tu if by C “Patriot” (Staying @ Wayeh)
  • M3 (Little boy Agouti) Wayeh Muddy Smudge “Smudge” (IN)

Vet Visit #1 8w

Pups are all fecal tested negative, weighed, examined and vaccinated. It was also 6yo Sloane’s birthday, so we had a puppy puddle while we were there.

Temperament Tests 7w

Lynne & Michael drove up from Tallahassee, FL.  Pam from Marietta, GA, catered lunch with Charleston Shrimp & Cheese Grits and chocolate Croissants for desert.  N. from Nashville had to cancel because of Covid exposure at work.  6yo (in 4 days) Sloane came down from up the hill.

Tests:  Follow & Come when called.  Hold in air 6”/Roll on back.  Cuddle on back/pinch between toes.  Drag toy away. (Individual results above with 7w puppy pics.)

AVAILABLE F4 Hotpink (collar) Female Agouti.  Happy follow, not as much as Red (collar) but a bouncy come-when-called.  Hangs quietly and full eye contact when held on her back, trusting.  Likes & follows toys and asks for more attention.  On the toe pinch, she licked insistently.  This pup will bond easily with her family if they put her to work.  And could be a hiking or rally dog for the weekender.

AVAILABLE F5 P!nk (collar) Female Agouti.  Disinterested in following Lynne, but (nearly) 6yo Sloane was distracting her x2.  Somewhat independent.  Hangs quietly.  On the belly rub, when Lynne stopped, Pink asked for more, pawing at her hand.  A little struggle in the arms upside down.  No reaction to the pinch.  Follows toy.  And when the Jersey Giant rooster came into the kennel, she chased him out.  She is strong willed and is not the dog for a first-time dog owner or one who has had soft dogs before.  She will be a challenge, but worth the effort for the right home.

AVAILABLE – F7 TEAL (collar) Female Agouti Long or open coat.  Ran back to kennel 3x.  Hangs trustingly, looks around.  When set down, stands and looks around.  Struggled a little on back then settled.  NO reaction to pinching web between toes for 10 seconds.  Or to the toy being dragged.  When she is with her littermates, she has more confidence.  She is soft and pack driven, no discernible prey drive and might be good with small dogs or cats.

AVAILABLE M1 Grey Male.  Fabulous follow/recall, automatic and determined trot and he got out front of Lynne the tester.  Lets go!  Hangs easy and accepts belly rub with head turned away appropriately.  10-second pinch, no reaction.  Loves toys, especially balls and tug toys.  FABULOUS follow/recall.  Accepting & confident.  Will like to go out into the world and do things, hiking, performance events, or other social events.

(Staying @ Wayeh) F1 Red Agouti Female.  Nice follow/recall.  Accepts hang, bellyrub, and a 6-second pinch.  Started to chase the toy and got distracted by a smell and nose-tracked whatever it was across the yard intently.  She could be an excellent scent dog for Barn Hunt or the like, self-confident and interested in everything around her.

(Going to MYSTIC Mals in Nashville) F3 Light Red Female.  Woke her up to test her.  Should have given her more time to wake up.  No follow.  Back to kennel.  No recall either.  Hangs acceptingly.  Doesn’t want to be held  Not fighting pinch, passive.  No interest in toy.  Wanted to go back and nap.  She is a soft girl, doesn’t like change.  Needs a low stress home with routines.  A companion dog, not a go-getter performance dog.

(Going to SummerIce Mals in FL) F6 Red (collar) Female Agouti.  Happy, bouncy follow and happy, bouncy come-when-called.  Hangs in air with a little struggle then relaxed.  Completely relaxed in arms.  5 second pinch before pulled paw away.  Chased toy happily.  She is social, interacts with people and dogs and has the potential for a performance event dog.  She’s a ball chaser and will pounce and slide on it, holding it but willingly giving it up for more play.

(Staying at WAYEH) Big Agouti Male.  Followed, stopped to pee, followed & pawed at feet.  Comes with encouragement.  Unsure of the hang, but tolerated it.  Limp for belly rub.  Rear legs stiff on back. 5-second pinch.  Curious but cautious about toy.  He’s a middle-of-the-road puppy and will need extra socialization to be really comfortable in public.  Not real independent or driven.

(Going to IN) M3 Compact Agouti Male.  Happy, bouncy follow & recall.  Accepting belly rubs until stop, asks for more.  A very little stiff-legged on the cuddle, then accepted it.  Accepted pinch and grabbed toy and tried to leave with it.  He’s a potential performance dog, accepting, curious, self-assured.

Galleries (baby pics)

Everyone (above)

Female 1, red agouti (Placed)

Females 2 & 3, red & whites (Placed)

Females 4, 5, 6, & 7, agouti & whites

Male 1, gray & white (AVAILABLE)

Males 2 & 3, agouti & whites

Pupdate Calendar

(Most events are on the weekend unless noted.)

  • 8/15/20 Bayou x Sailor 2020 puppies born – 1 red agouti female, 2 red females, 4 agouti females, 1 gray male, 2 agouti males. Bayou is on puppy kibble plus Puppy-Bac by Dogzymes & raw free-range eggs or meat (mackerel, chicken, tuna, turkey, or beef.)
  • Day 3-4-5 Deworm mom with Panacur/Safeguard (Fenbendazole 22%.)
  • Day 3-21 Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS.) <link>
  • 2w Deworm pups & mom Pyrantel Pamoate.
  • 3w Start puppies on the same puppy kibble & Puppy-Bac 2x/day. Start Rules of 7 <link> where they will experience 7 different foods, smells, bowls, surfaces, sleeping places, visitors, car rides, etc. by the time they are 7 weeks old.
  • 4w)Quad wormer pups 1/2 pills <10#.
  • 5w Puppy Photoshoot.
  • 6w Quad wormer pills >10#
  • 7w pre-test visit baths, dewormer, Advantix 2 flea/tick prevention, & Temperament Tests & Puppy Picks.
  • 8w 3-days Panacur/Safeguard (Fenbendazole 22%) vet#1 visit for no-Lepto vaccinations, weights, fecal checks, veterinarian examinations, & AVID microchips.
  • 9w (10/16 Friday) vet#2 visit for followups & interstate health certificates
  • 10/17 (9w) Go-Home Day!


ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
Wayeh Inuit Seafarer "Sailor"AKC mjr ptd UWP Wayeh Rtic Seas "Akai"Artic Luv's Dancin' Bearfoot "Yogi"
Wayeh Sings To The Rtic Moon CGC RN RA WTD UWP "Seranade"
Wayeh Apache Star "Mensa"UWP Wayeh-Mystic Peace Train AWP "Pax"
Wayeh Grizzly Bear "Kiowa"
Wayeh Get a Lil Mud on UR Tires "Bayou"AKC mjr ptd UWP Wayeh Rtic Seas "Akai"Artic Luv's Dancin' Bearfoot "Yogi"
Wayeh Sings To The Rtic Moon CGC RN RA WTD UWP "Seranade"
Wayeh-Pacific Here's Mud in UR Ice "Cheers"
Masasyu's Muddy Waters
WTD "Clay"
Wayeh Pacific Evening Star "Theia"


This litter is Wayeh’s 12th Generation through CH Sunny.

  1. Wayeh Needa Mist ROM OB-ROM “Wayeh”
  2. Wayeh’s Nvwati Svnoyi ROM “Midnight”
  3. CH Wayeh’s Sassafras Lass “Razzy”
  4. Wayeh’s Shoshone Sunwalker IWPA-WWPDX ” Shoney”
  5. CH Wayeh’s Arctic Wind’s Shadow CGC TT TDI “Shadow”
  6. CH Wayeh’s Cherokee Summer CGC WTD “Summer”
  7. CH Wayeh’s Soul Song CGC RN WTD WLD “Singer” from the SNOW SONG Litter 
  8. CH Wayeh Singin Follow Me Masasyu CGC RN UWP WTD “Sunny” from the MASASYU Litter
  9. Wayeh Pacific Evening Star “Theia” from the STAR Litter
  10. Wayeh-Pacific Here’s Mud in UR Ice “Cheers” from the CHEERS Litter
  11. Wayeh Get a Lil Mud on UR Tires “BAYOU” from the CREOLE Litter
  12. ADAK Litter

Color Genetics

The agouti gene is the original color for wild canines. And its inheritance is a little different than grays or seals in that one of the parents must be an agouti for any of the puppies to be agouti (or true black.) Agouti is to true Black as gray is to Seal, it’s just a matter of how much black is on each hair shaft. The red gene is a simple recessive, like blue eyes in humans, both parents must carry the gene. All of this explains why gray Sailor and agouti Bayou produced a litter with: grays, agoutis, a true black, reds, and a red agouti. Fun! For more information, cruise the Malamute coat color genetic website.

Litter Theme – ADAK

AKC registered names usually follow the litter theme:

Wayeh ADAK + __________

Because Adak is the southernmost city in Alaska. Also an island. Call names can be anything you want and do not have to reflect the registered name, but it’s easier to remember if they do. You can make up a name if you want as well to reflect a more traditional sled dog name. But be aware, if you think it’s a great traditional name, likely so do others. We’re already at something like Nikko/Nikki #15, Tundra #11, Luna #9, Kodi/Koda/Kodiak #15, Cheyenne #5, Apollo #3, Zues #4, Kira/Kyra/Akira #8, Diesel #3, etc. So here’s your chance to be original!

But to make it a little more difficult to be creative, traditionally, agouti puppies at Wayeh have the word MUD in their AKC names to honor Muddy Waters “Clay,” our first agouti.

Masasyu’s Muddy Waters “Clay”
–Wayeh-Pacific Here’s Mud in UR Ice “Cheers”
—-Wayeh Get a Lil Mud on UR Tires “Bayou”
——Wayeh Red-dy When U R “Colorado” (Staying @ Wayeh)
——Wayeh Muddy Waters “Adak” (Staying @ Wayeh)
——Wayeh on Fire at Mystic “___” (Going to Mystic Mals)

Because the reds usually have something in their AKC name to acknowledge the red color… Blaze or Red or Spark or Ember or…

Despite all that, when giving a dog an AKC name, simple is better.

  • Wayeh Adak Cheechako
  • Wayeh Adak MudBug “Chako”
  • Wayeh Adak __________ (any name that complies with AKC naming standards)

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