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Pupdate Calendar

  • Born 11/8/22, day 63 after Taft’s arrival at Wayeh.
  • Day 1 Mom gets 3-days Panacur/Safeguard (Fenbendazole 22%) the same as she had 63 days ago @ time of breeding. Mom’s diet is, and has been, ProPlan All Life Stages 30/20, plus Puppy-Bac by Dogzymes, & raw free-range eggs from my chickens, and twice-weekly chicken quarters (from the grocery, hopefully)
  • The Taft x Kyra (Fairytails ’22 Litter) pups are 1wo. We had a rocky start, but we now have 5 healthy pups, 1 male & 4 females, all grays, all with snippets on their foreheads. So I resorted to paper tape collars for one of the rare times, since they are so hard to tell apart.. I’m planning to keep the boy ad a girl, I may have 1-2 other girls placed. So I may have 1-2 girls available. Mom and dad look so much alike (they share the same phenotype, or physical structure, but nothing in common in their pedigree (10-generation outcross.) Taft is out of a Polish CH and his mom is a Rockin’ Maples CH in NC. Kyra is out 11th generation down through Maestro on her dam Mensa’s side and Amak on her sire TD’s side. Her great grandfather was our Czech boy Brady.
  • Day 3-21 Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS.) <link>
  • 2-4w Deworm pups & mom Pyrantal Pamoate.
  • 3w Start puppies on the same puppy kibble but pulverized into gruel with Puppy-Bac 2-3x/day for the first week, then not pulverized after that. Start Rules of 7 <link> where they will experience 7 different foods, smells, bowls, surfaces, sleeping places, visitors, car rides, etc. by the time they are 7 weeks old.
  • 5w Pupdates. Super friendly, outgoing, and social – the whole litter. The male has the biggest coat, which may or may not be a gift from his maternal long-coat grandfather TD. Pigment has come in strong, and they run to greet people, tails wagging.
  • 6w pictures, Quad wormer pills >10#
  • 7w pre-visit baths, Temperament Tests & Puppy Picks.
  • 8w vet#1 visit for pictures, no-Lepto vaccinations, weights, fecal checks, veterinarian examinations, AVID microchips, and regardless of what fecal check says, we do preventative treatments with: Interceptor Plus (internal parasites), 5-days Albon (protozoa), & Nexgard (fleas).
  • 9w vet#2 visit for pictures, weights, fecals, any followups, recheck microchips, & issue interstate health certificates as needed.
  • 1/10/23 week (9w) Go-Home Week!
  • Pups still need AT MINIMUM
    • Weekly socialization –
    • a new place, a new person, a new animal every week for the first year of their lives, at least.
    • @ 10 & 12 weeks deworming with Pyrental Pamoate
    • Monthly heartworm year round, which also acts as a prevention dose of dewormer (not a treatment dose, so you still need to check.)
    • @ 3 & 4 months 2nd & 3rd vaccinations
    • @ 2-4 months a public, group Puppy Socialization Class for 8 weeks
    • @ 5 month 1st Rabies
    • @ 5-6 months a public, group Beginner’s Obedience Class for 8 weeks
    • @ Spring & Fall deworming
    • @ 1 year Spay/Neuter for pets, OFA prelim, CERF eye exam, & 2nd Rabies (this one can be a 3-year vaccine) Submit proof of neuter & OFA for AKC papers.
    • @ 2 year blood draw for T-4 thyroid & chem panel — to be used as baselines for comparison when they are seniors

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