Conformation (showing)

Showin’ Off.

Conformation is the judging of breedable dogs against the Standards written by parent clubs, (AMCA), and accepted/approved by the AKC with the aim of finding the best dog in the ring at that show.

As a puppy buyer or just a dog lover, it is always fun to go to shows and see beautiful examples of our favorite breeds compete against other beautiful dogs. And you can LEARN a lot, but remember the breeders and handlers there have a job to do and please understand if they are distracted.  Ask to speak to them afterwards when they have more time. AND NEVER TOUCH THE DOGS without permission, some dogs are groomed and ready to go in the ring, and if you touch them you can “muss” their time-consuming do’s. Ask questions, ask to watch a show groom, it’s an eye-opener the amount of work that goes into this.  

Conformation Posts

Go to a show.  It’s a hoot.  You will meet other Malamute or Siberian people and you will see what others in the breed look like and you will see what they are suppose to look like… hopefully.

Conformation is a lot of fun.  You get to dress up and dress your dog up, and go out in front of a judge and your peers and strut your stuff.  

It’s also expensive. And nerve wracking.  There is a lot of talk about politicking, about judges who favor handlers over dogs, and flirting in and out of the ring.  But without any of that garbage, we finish our dogs.   We think the truth of the matter is that most judges have a style they like.  They generally put up that style and it behooves the handler to learn how to handle HER dog to the best of the dog’s ability.  To learn how to show off HER dog’s best attributes.   But there’s no arguing that it is expensive.

The AKC CH is the ultimate goal.  It’s the one that counts in the US.  The rest are a lot of fun and you can learn a lot doing it, gain experience for you and your dog.  The other shows are usually more relaxed, smaller, and friendlier than the AKC, because the people at the AKC shows are there for serious business.

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