Spotlight, IABCA 2010

Snow Song Litter 11 years old (Rider X Summer, 1999)

2/20-21/10 – Rider X Summer 1999 litter reunites @ the GA Peach State Sieger — super veterans Snowman, Singer, & Tom T. come for fun in Marietta. They bring along kennel cousin Hoodoo who won multiple Bred-By Group 1s. Snowman added another Best In Show Veteran to his list. Tom T. scored three BIS Veterans to high praise from the judges, and Singer came along to pester her brothers. So Tom & Hoodoo have added titles, and Snow and Sing remain the same:

  • Multi BISV Natl/Intl CH Wayeh’s Tom-Tom of SnowSong CGC RN WTD WLD IWPA-WWPD “Tom-Tom”
  • Multi BISV Natl/Intl WSCH-B Wayeh’s Last SnoFall of Summer Ice CGC TT TDI URO1 RAE2 WW-RCH CD WW/U-CDX U-AGII “Snow”
  • INT/UKC CH Wayeh-Mystic Who Do You Love “Hoodoo”
  • AKC/INT CH Wayeh’s Soul Song CGC RN WTD WLD “Singer”
10yo Singer, AKC CH, INT CH, INT Veterans CH
10yo Tom T. , multi BISV & INT CH Veteran
Snowman has a ridiculous number of titles, this weekend made his multi-BIS-Veteran one more.
Hoodoo who would become…
AKC/UKC/INT CH Wayeh-Mystic Who Do You Love “Hoodoo”

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