Spotlight, 2008


Big doings for Wayeh kids.

Nov 2008 Snowman added Multi Best in Show Veteran to his many-splendored-lettered name.

Multi BISV Natl/Intl WSCH-B Wayeh’s Last SnoFall of Summer Ice CGC TT TDI CD WW/U-CDX U-AGII RAE2 WW-RCH “Snow”

Congratulations Snowman & Lynne Nappi!

Nov 8-9, 2008, Morristown, TN – UKC wpull Working Dog Association (which I joined)

Saturday, Maestro finished his UWP with 760# and a third place. Sunny finished her UWP with 1360# (she pulled 1510# but I fouled her and it didn’t count) and a second place. Storm earned her first leg with 1818#, first place, and Most Weight Pulled. We took pictures, but they got lost in the hubalub of a FUZZY beating out all those pitties.

Sunday, Storm pulled 2210#, 25x her weight, first place, and did NOT get Most Weight Pulled, that honor went to a little pittie that pulled 50x his weight — way to GO! Sera got her first leg with 760# and Brady with 860# — a vast improvement over Athens.

RBIS UKC Brady with Darlene M.

October 18-19, 2008, Athens, TN – UKC wpull Great Smoky Mtn Dog Club UKC all breed dog show & weightpull — Brady is now RBIS UKC “Brady” and Sunny & Maestro picked up 2 weightpull legs this weekend and many points/majors towards their UKC CH titles. Sera and Naula are also pulling and getting better every time they harness up.

Note – Darlene M., Naula’s owner, said, Let me try this conformation stuff. I said, Sure, here’s Brady, he’s an easy dog, just go over there and play while Maestro and I get serious about winning. That worked on Saturday. On Sunday…. Brady – Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Show with his completely novice handler! Way to go, Darlene & Brady!

RBIS UKC 2/3 UWP Ksarah’s Hope Inditarod “Brady”

1, 1, 1/Best Male/Best of Winners/Group1, RBIS = 90 points, 2 majors
AKC/UKC ptd/INT CH UWP Wayeh Singn N Howln Masasyu WTD “Maestro”

1/Best Male/Best of Winners/Group1, 1/Best Male, 1, 1 = 70 points, 2 majors
UWP Wayeh Sings to the Rtic Moon CGC RN RA WTD “Seranade
UWP INT/AKC CH Wayeh Singn Follow Me Masasyu CGC RN WTD “Sunny”

1/Best Female, 1/Best Female, Best of Winners/Best of Breed/Group1, 1, 1/Best Female = 75 pts, 3 majors

Sunny and Maestro were 2 of 4 dogs on Saturday who earned the Total Dog Award for Best of their Sex in conformation PLUS qualifying leg in performance event at the same show, same day.  On Sunday, Sunny was 1 of 2 dogs who earned the Total Dog Award.

Athens All Breed UKC Weightpull
Increments were – 160-305-445-585-725-865-1005-1145#
Natural surface, wheels, needed 8x bodyweight for a qualifying leg

wt qualifying weight 8x Sat Sun
89# (712#) Sunny 1005#, 11.29x
4th place 100#class
1145#, 12.81x
4th place 100#class
2/3 UWP
80# (640#) Maestro 725#, 10.81% 865#, 10.81x 2/3 UWP
82# (656#) Seranade 585#, 7x
83# (664#) Brady 305#, 3.7x 445#, 5.42x
88# (704#) Naula

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