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Pupdate Calendar

(Most events are on the weekend unless noted.)

  • Born 10/26/22, day 63 after first tie.
  • Day 1 Mom gets 3-days Panacur/Safeguard (Fenbendazole 22%) the same as she had 63 days ago @ time of breeding. Mom’s diet is, and has been, ProPlan All Life Stages 30/20, plus Puppy-Bac by Dogzymes, & raw free-range eggs from my chickens, and twice-weekly chicken quarters (from the grocery hopefully)
  • Day 3-21 Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS.) <link>
  • 2-4w Deworm pups & mom 3d of Pyrantal Pamoate.
  • 3w Start puppies on the same puppy kibble but pulverized into gruel with Puppy-Bac 2x/day for the first week, then not pulverized after that. Start Rules of 7 <link> where they will experience 7 different foods, smells, bowls, surfaces, sleeping places, visitors, car rides, etc. by the time they are 7 weeks old.
  • 4w Pupdates. They are exploring upstairs and outside, eating hearty, and meeting cats. They are pursing the Rules of 7 (Socialization) and so far are fans of kitty kibble and Sheba cuts, bananas are not thrilling, but the peanut butter was great. Goats milk pudding and whole ground rabbit are hits, not so much the chicken jerky powder. They have endured the Die Hard series, the first Jurassic Park, and 2 John Wayne movies. Morning Qi Gong with Lee Holden put them right asleep, good energy or full bellies, not sure. They think their daddy Dresden is very, very big, but their aunt Cedar is just the right size (same size, different color then their mama Pink.). They are not sure about artificial turf or great big piles of leaves, but pine shavings, hardwood floors, and coconut coir rugs are OK if there is food involved. We have taken three trips to the mailbox in the van and had a nap, engine running. Toe nail trims and biweekly dewormings are OK. And they snuggled and napped with me and the cats in the late afternoon living-room sunlight on a cold winters day in a pile of fleecy Sherpa blankets.
  • Thanksgiving pups had company. Pam Weed drove up from ATL. Dorothy Moyers (Wohali Mals) drove in from out towards Nashville. And Dan & Sherry Gile stopped in when they came out of the woods. Pups got lots of time with people.
  • 5w – They continue the Rules of 7 by moving to another kennel. They started in the whelping box in the whelping room in the basement, graduated to the living room upstairs, then an outside small kennel with a closed-in doghouse which was protected from weather and most foot traffic, now a bigger kennel with much more exposure to the driveway and within sight of the highway traffic and chickens and bird feeders with an open manger type doghouse so they can see the world happening around them. After a breakfast of kibble and Puppy back and a smear of salmon pate kitty food, they got pictures,toe nail trims, and dewormings. Then new toys! (Next week we introduce them to the wonders of a kitchen and Fishbacks 3-day Leaddog testing.)
  • 6w pictures, Quad wormer pills >10#
  • Fishbacks Leaddog testing. We had to work around rain showers that lasted 4 days. First time in the front yard, the entire litter stayed within 10 feet of me, their comfort zone was strictly limited by proximity. However we did walk down the gravel driveway, out into the fenced in downhill yard, around brushpiles and trees and within 50 feet of the road with semis and dump trucks. So long as they were near me, F2, F3, and M2 accepted all the noise. F1 & M1 were not willing to be a party to it, no way, no how. They headed back to the house. Day 2, the whole litter stuck close to me again, and F1 & M1 found their courage and stayed right on my shoes when the trucks rumbled by. The shed and the stand of trees were interesting, but not enough to leave my shadow. Day 3, not only did they all bolt down the driveway the first chance they got, confidence in abundance, but they thought heading into the woods was a good idea, and F2, F3, & M2 decided not to return when the people did, not even when we went and got mama Pink on a leash to lure them back. Exploring was much more fun because the woods has STICKS and PINE CONES and LEAVES, oh, my. Day4 was a bonus day because of the debacle of Day3. I took each dog individually, and as expected since they didn’t have their littermates to draw courage from, they decided wherever I went, that was where they needed to be. Day5 I brought canned cat food, gave them a taste, as a group, and then couldn’t get rid of them. They wouldn’t leave my side. Not to explore. Not even for sticks. Lesson learned (for me) start jackpots before group excusions.
    • M1 is a snuggler, sticks close to people, no matter what littermates are off doing. He will drape himself across your shoes, climb into your lap, and flop upside for belly rubs.
    • M2 loves his people, but also loves sticks.
    • F1 is a little softer than her bold sisters, she explores when she has company, but if left to her devices, she will head back to the house and leave you in the driveway all by yourself. Unless you have food.
    • F2 is mostly bold and curious, she will chase anything that moves. But if cuddles are an option, you won’t shake her.
    • F3 likes her cuddles, her sticks, and will go anywhere with company. Left to herself, she searches for someone to follow.
  • 7w Panacur for 3 days, someone has loose stool, and with the recent monsoon rains and the number of puddles we have stomped, it’s a timely precaution.
  • 7.5w baths, Temperament Tests & Puppy Picks on the weekend.
  • 8w vet#1 visit for pictures, no-Lepto vaccinations, weights, fecal checks, veterinarian examinations, AVID microchips, and regardless of what fecal check says, we do preventative treatments with: Interceptor Plus (internal parasites), 5-days Albon (protozoa), & Nexgard (fleas).
  • 9w vet#2 visit for pictures, weights, fecals, any followups, recheck microchips, & issue interstate health certificates as needed.
  • 612/28/22 week (9w) Go-Home Day!
  • Pups still need AT MINIMUM
    • Weekly socialization –
    • a new place, a new person, a new animal every week for the first year of their lives, at least.
    • @ 10 & 12 weeks deworming with Pyrental Pamoate
    • Monthly heartworm year round, which also acts as a prevention dose of dewormer (not a treatment dose, so you still need to check.)
    • @ 3 & 4 months 2nd & 3rd vaccinations
    • @ 2-4 months a public, group Puppy Socialization Class for 8 weeks
    • @ 5 month 1st Rabies
    • @ 5-6 months a public, group Beginner’s Obedience Class for 8 weeks
    • @ Spring & Fall deworming
    • @ 1 year Spay/Neuter, OFA prelim, CERF eye exam, & 2nd Rabies (this one can be a 3-year vaccine) Submit proof of neuter & OFA for AKC papers.
    • @ 2 year blood draw for T-4 thyroid & chem panel — to be used as baselines for comparison when they are seniors

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