Wayeh Apache Beauty “Emmer”

(UWP Wayeh-Mystic Peace Train AWP “Pax” X Wayeh Grizzly Bear “Kiowa”)

–>Full sister, but younger, to Wayeh Apache Star “Mensa”
WS______, born 4/28/2017, 22″/70# skinny working weight @ 1 year, GRAY & White female
10-Generation Co-efficient of Inbreeding (COI) 2.35% (anything under 7% is an outcross)
OFA (pending), Thyroid (Normal,) CERF (Clear)
Breeder/Owner/Handler Sidney Helen Sachs/Wayeh

Emmer split her time between Wayeh & Mystic, where she got to meet a bunch of dogs and kids and new places and things. Now she’s back at Wayeh to stay. She lives full time with her daughter Yodel, which should tell you a lot about both their temperament and their sweet voices.

Irish goddess of beauty, Emer was said to possess the six gifts of womanhood: beauty, a gentle voice, sweet words, wisdom, skill at needlework and chastity.




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Emmer is Wayeh’s 10th Generation of HOMEBRED Alaskan Malamutes.

Wayeh –> Midnight –> Razzy –> Shoshone –> Shadow –> Summer –> Singer –> Maestro –> Kiowa –> Emmer

She is the dam of Yodel in the KALTAG Litter.

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