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honey-3y-b.jpg (39670 bytes)Artic-Luv's Honey Bear

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Uyak Koyuk Kip "Kip"
X CH Artic-Luv's Echoes of Kahn "Tilly"

WS202618/03, b. 12/7/06, 23"/75# skinny working weight, seal/white with heavy sabling female
10-gen COI 14%, OFA Excellent, CERF clear, Thyroid normal 
Breeders Jim & Velia Poedy
Owner/Handler Sidney Helen Sachs
Short Pedigree, Long Pedigree, Generations, half-brother Yogi, The Honey Journals
Honey's Picture page

We love Yogi Bear so much, that we couldn't resist his sister Honey Bear.  <G>  Welcome, Honey. She has turned into a completely sound mover with a rare correct tail carriage and tail set.  Her coat is incredibly thick, harsh, and stands completely off, pigment is inky black and doesn't fade in the winter, and she 

Honey Bear is a honey, she has more brains in her middle toe than most people I know, but thankfully she's a watcher instead of a world-builder, or she'd have the White House.  And boy, the changes she'd implement, a Bone in Every Dish, a Sled in Every Garage...  Built stone cold correct from the ground up, she has the thickest coat of any dog I've ever run in harness.

Short Pedigree

Uyak Koyak Kip
Uyak Koyuk Kip
Uyak Voodoo Vincent Jarva's In The Nik of Time 
Uyak Seneca Sophie
Uyak Aleut Anna Bandit's Pretty Boy Floyd
Uyak Unco Una 
Artic-Luv's Echoes of Khan
CH Artic-Luv's Echoes of Kahn "Tilly"
CH Artic-Luv's Booty Shaker "Booty" BISS CH Artic-Luv's Red Jake "Jake"
Sno-Field A Diana of Articluv
Artic-Luv's Belle Amie Uyak Winter Willy "Willy"
Makuma's Koani Lakota 


Honey is the dam of:

Wayeh Grizzly Bear "Kiowa"
Wayeh Chicago Bear "Ditka" (@ Windy City Malamutes, Chicago)
Wayeh Bearing Sea "Bearing"
Wayeh Kara Sea "Kara"

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Contact Wayeh    *    423-365-6039    *    Spring City, (East) Tennessee
Wayeh Alaskan Malamutes last updated 07/14/2012

Member Oak Ridge Kennel Club since 1996, member TN Working Dog Association since 2008

Temperament, health, structure, working ability, and then type --
because a good Malamute has to be a good dog first.