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RBIS UKC mjr ptd/INT CH 
Ksarah's Hope Inditarod 

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I haven't been able to write about this before now. Brady died earlier this month. He escaped when a gate was left unlatched -- he lifts gate latches -- and he went zooming around the front yard, tail tucked, eyes lit up, and then he darted towards the road.

The semi saw him at the last minute and slammed on the brakes, but the fender just clipped him. There wasn't a mark on him, but he was gone. 

I was at the vets with Brady's grandpups all that week and every puppy looks like Brady to me. I can't believe he's gone. We were just getting started. 

RIP Brady

(Imp. Czech Republic)

Multi BIS BISS CH Buffalo Bill Inditarod "Smokey2"
X Multi CH Great Spirit Inditarod "Cora"

WS22464401, b. 2/21/2006, 25"/80# skinny working weight, Gray/white male
10-gen COI 4%, OFA Good, CERF clear, Thyroid normal 8/08
Breeders Iva & Radek Lysakova/Inditarod, Czech Republic
Co-Owners Melissa Houston-Weatherford & Sidney Helen Sachs
Short Pedigree, Long Pedigree, Brady's Picture Page

Thank-you, thank-you,  Melissa/K-Sa-Rah Alaskan Malamutes & Ivana & Radek/Inditarod Malamutes for allowing Brady to come to Wayeh.  You don't know what this means to me, but I'll keep telling you <G>

Brady's first time in the American show ring and he pulled down a Reserve to a 5-point major, at 11mo, and out of coat.  His second weekend in the AKC show ring at 20m and at a Specialty, he snagged BOB (match) and Group1 (match). 

Brady is our EEM (Eastern European Marshmallow) and proudly lives up to his name.  He moves dead true from the ground up, and pulled down a reserve to a 4-pt major at 10 months -- out of coat.  IABCA Group2, also out of coat. 

We expect great things from this young dog. His pedigree includes the top American and European pedigrees, filtered through the European breeding system.  And he's a LOVE.

So a friend, Darlene Manning, wanted to come to a UKC dog show and see what was going on.  She asked if she could do anything to help.  I said, Sure, take this young dog, Brady, he's no trouble, he won't start anything, and he's a dream on a leash.  I was thinking, of course, stay over there in the corner and watch how it's done.... she did on Saturday. On Sunday, Darlene and Brady went RBIS!!!!  Way to go, Brady & Darlene, and when are you coming back to finish his title, because he LOVES showing for you!

Brady then starts weightpulling and pulls 860# for his first UWP leg.  That's my boy!  

Short Pedigree

Buffalo Bill Inditarod
Multi BIS BISS CH Buffalo Bill Inditarod "Smokey2" (pic) (pic2)
BISS Multi CH Moon Song's Captain Moon Ray "Smokey"

BISS CH Nanuke's Lockport Louie ROM "Louie"

CH Nanuke's Driving Ms Daisey "Tandy"

Multi CH Conny ze Západní křižovatky "Conny"

Agil Český Klondike

Ayrin z Červené Rhospody

Great Spirit Inditarod
Multi CH Great Spirit Inditarod "Cora"
Multi CH Brad Pitt Del Lago Degli Orsi "Brady1" (pic) (pic) BIS AKC/multi CH Pandizucchero Del Lago Degli Orsi "Ben" WD '97 AMCA NS
CH Storm Kloud's Oonly the Best WTD (pic)
Multi CH First Lady Shamanrock "Lady" A/C CH Kipmik's Direct Action CGC A/C CD TT CAM "Miki" 

Multi CH Blessed Love For Cyrus of Montego CS 


Brady is the sire of:

Wayeh-Mystic Peace Train AWP "Pax"

Wayeh-Mystic Ring of Fire "Smoky"

AKC mjrs/INT CH/UKC CH Wayeh-Mystic Who Do You Love "Hoodoo"

Brady is the grandsire of:

Wayeh Rtic Express "Chooch"

Wayeh Follow My Lead "ChaCha"


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