Wayeh Kennels Thru the Years: 2003-2009

We got snow!

2003-5 West Side of House (would become Downhill Kennels)

So I needed to solve some problems we had in the Beside-the-house kennels:

  • Gates on downhill side of kennel runs, so mess was washed into the walkway.
  • Permanent wire in ground left gaps in the block for hair and mess to collect.
  • Permanent wire was not tall enough after gravel was added.
  • Extreme slope of ground meant kennels were very slick when wet.

The side yard before the dozers.

Then the dozers came.

We build a retaining wall.

The airlock/sally port we set up as the main entrance.

And we almost immediately ran into problems with the double-gate chainlink panels. Malamutes are destructive when they get a chance.

So after investigation, we found www.optionsplus.com PLATINUM series (Malamutes shred everything else, we know!)

Building the kennels with dogs already in residence is a problem, but we had it to do because of a 22-Malamute rescue from Chattanooga.

The configuration of north-south runs 5’x40′ was too narrow and caused fence-fighting and tension in the runs because the dogs could not get away from each other, so we rotated the whole thing to make 4ea 10×20 runs.

Snow Feb 2006 on the completed side-yard kennels.

2006+ East & South Side Rebuild (Would become Uphill Kennels & Agility Yard)

Meanwhile, we brought the dozers back and flattened the back yard and the existing gravel/permanent fence kennels and once graded smooth and sloping away from the house, we started building those kennels.

Then the snows arrived — a normal East Tennessee snow 1.5″. Melted off by 2pm the next day, everything was fine.

Wayeh Kennels 2010+ next…

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