Wayeh Kennels Thru the Years: 2010-2013

Storm Damage 2010

Gorgeous — Big fat wet flakes of snow, 3-4 inches before morning. But it turned to freezing rain before daybreak and ice is heavier still and the kennel covers were not built to support that kind of load.

Before the collapse. And then after…

It’s already obvious everything can’t be fixed — the costs are too prohibitive – but we have to repair gates, fences & doghouses and we have to have shade by summer.

More Snow Valentine’s Day 2010

We got hit again. Double shot.

Thursday & Saturday we got the damaged shade cloth and damaged roof supports down — thank goodness, because we got 2 more inches on Valentine’s Day, and we had light snow most of the day after that.  The dogs had fun romping around and I took the pups over the agility A-frame, because it has TRACTION with iced-over snow. Oy vey.

2010 And the rebuilding begins

Shade tarps before summer, that’s the top priority. And preventing escapes. And doghouses to protect them in the rain. And… we have a few top priorities going at the moment.

And we’re removing some kennels completely.


Another snow the next winter, but this time — lessons learned — I was out there with my broom knocking snow off of the restored shade tarps.

2011 October, Volunteer Kennel Builders


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