Training Logs 11/25/2019

Dresden wants jerky, not water.
Dresden & Yuki

Morning Trip Report. 46/61°F foggy & overcast when puppies Dresden & Yuki, and between the two of them, they had one brain cell in common this morning.

No packs for the dogs, because these two are too young. But I carried 9# of water (& treats) in my pack.

We walked across the highway, across the railroad tracks, down Dixie Lee Highway, then hooked east to the firehall. There we took a waterbreak and then reversed direction.

Dresden is a puppy, Yuki acts like a puppy, between them they don’t have the common sense of a box of hair. But they finally settled down and we got traveling down the trail.


I’ve got a new purple J&J braided leather leash (happy birthday to me) and they are wearing new 2.25mm pinch collars — I bought 2 each, removed the connecting hardware from 1 and hooked all the prongs together. Worked well, and is a smaller grab around the neck for the dogs. Although in all the thrashing around and back flips and goofiness, Yuki managed to flip her collar upside down around her neck.

Finally they calmed down on the way back. They need to get into the walk rotation more often. Once they calmed down, Dresden’s left ear came up. Odd. he can control it, flip it forward, flip it back to listen to me when he’s walking out front. But he’s such a mellow guy, he holds his ears down and back submissively. Yuki also had a soft ear until she was over a year old. So there’s still hope. They both have extremely thick ear leather.

Happy Trails 2019,
–Sidney Helen Sachs


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