Training Logs 11/29/2019

Alyosha & Bayou

Day-after-Thanksgiving Morning Trip Report. 44/55°F overcast & still. I wore a single layer on my legs and a short sleeved wicking button-up shirt, which wasn’t quite enough. Long sleeves in the 40s. Alyosha, Bayou & I wore packs. We are all carrying 8-10#.

Alyosha & Bayou

After indulging on Thanksgiving with my family in Greenback, I needed the whole 4-mile trip. the dogs were wired for sound today after some time off. Had two incidents. I ended up losing Alyosha’s leash at one point and lunged for it, but he was motoring down the road obliviously. I blurted out the first thing I could think of, COOKIE, and he whipped around on the double. I gave him hugs and rubs and scratches and dug cookies out of my backpack and told him how proud I was of him.

Day-after-Thanksgving 2019

And this trip I got my first blisters, left foot between the big and first toe. About the time I realized I was favoring the left foot for the achy back of the left heel, I felt something loose between the toes. Sat down (and really noticed skipping my salmon oil and triple flex 2 days in a row, won’t do that again) in the road and immediately had two dogs in my face, helping. Got my shoe and sock off and realized the something loose was a flap of skin, already came off the blister. Only a mile from home, so the dogs (again helpfully) got my shoe and sock back on and we finished the walk. I got triple antibiotic dabbed on the blister and found a matching blister on the matching toe and elevated my feet until they dried. Then bandaids. Also took my salmon & triple flex. Note to self: put sitpad and blister kit in backpack.

Happy Trails.
–SHS 2019

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