Training Logs 3/26/19 Alyosha

Alyosha meets his backpack

39/61 degrees F, overcast after yesterdays rain

Yosha is a big boy at 95# & 1y, he takes after the MYSTIC side of his family tree. So we started with loose leash walking and once we had the reminder training completed, he was a perfect gentleman. His Huntsville family taught him Sit, Wait, Easy and to love his walks. After 2 miles, we watered up and then added the backpack. The BIG backpack stuffed with wadded-up fleece blankets, the whole thing weighed 5#, I hung it on the fish scale. We walked half a mile with a pack.

The dog DOES have ears… he just likes to keep them to himself.

15mo Alyosha — Mystic Wayeh Commander Bearing (Fender X Grace 18)

Then took my little agouti girl Bayou on a short romp around to Matt’s house and back again, maybe a mile. She wore me out. 18mo Bayou (Akai X Cheers, CREOLE Litter 2017) Wayeh Get a Lil Mud on UR Tires “Bayou”

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