Spotlight, 2009

December 2009 – a slew of OFA hip ratings

<2y Pax – Prelimmed OFA Good
<2y Wyatt – Prelimmed OFA Good
2y Akai – OFA Good
5y Clay – OFA Excellent
3y Yogi – OFA Excellent
3y Honey – OFA Excellent
2y Music – OFA Excellent
It was a good month for official OFA x-rays. next up adult OFAs for Baroo (prelim X), Trumpet, Smoky (prelim G), & Bright (prelim G)

June 2009 – Playing in the Sun… 3 littermate brothers – Pax, Hoodoo & Smoky. And Wyatt.

June 2009 – AKC Rally-Obedience @ Waynesville, NC… Sunny earns her RN and Sera her RA — way to go, girls!

CH Sunny earns her RN!

Sera earns her Rally-Obedience Advanced — this is OFF LEASH.

May 2009 – AKC Rally-Obedience @ Harriman with my kennel club Oak Ridge Kennel Club (ORKC) where I teach Rally, clicker, and CGC…  Sunny earns 2 RN legs, Sera earns 1 RA leg (they both now need 1 leg each to title in Rally….

CH Sunny gets her first 2 Rally-Obedience Novice legs.
Sera gets her second Rally-Obedience Advanced leg — this is OFF LEASH.

April 2009 – UKC weightpull and breed in Athens, TN (TN Working Dog Association & the Great Smoky Mtn Dog Club).  Darlene M. owner of Naula & Hoodoo, went with Seranade & Brady & I, and we had so much fun….  Sera finished her first UKC weightpull pulling over 900# uphill on a dirt track, so she is now:

Wayeh Sings to the Rtic Moon CGC RN UWP “Seranade”
(Nikko X Singer 05)

Hoodoo is Wayeh’s first UKC-Champion and is now:
U-CH Wayeh-Mystic Who Do You Love “Hoodoo”
(Brady X Hannah 08
UKC mjr ptd Wayeh Rtic Naula “Naula”
(Yogi X Seranade 07)

Brady earned another leg towards his UWP (needs 1 to finish). RBIS UKC mjr ptd/INT CH Ksarah’s Hope Inditarod (2/3 UWP) “Brady”

In March, 3/4 Kotzebue Clay, who came to us from Masasyu as a 2y to run on our teams, celebrates his 4th birthday with a litter of puppies from our Miss Parka, which included Wayeh’s first homebred Agouti, who will be co-owned in Atlanta.

March also say another Wayeh first.  Amak (Yogi & Singer) X Kayobi (Nikko & Ruby) delivered Wayeh’s first homebred reds — 3 of 8.  Wow.   One of them will be Dawson.

2009 started out with snow, cold weather, and the loss of one of our young dogs Rtic in February to eating a string.  We miss you, baby.

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