Available BLUE


b. 2/25/23 gray Alaskan Malamute MALE

Neutered, AKC limited registration, AVID microchip, & UTD on vacc., Heartworm, and monthly flea/tick.

Sweet, mellow, tender BLUE from the Chill X Cedar FAB4 Litter needs a new home. He was all set to go to Michigan when they ran into financial problems and couldn’t go. He has lived with younger, smaller female Malamutes and older, bigger female Malamutes and both times he just wanted to know the rules. Once that was established, they got along like gangbusters. This is typical of Malamutes. Hierarchy is all.

His rehoming fee is $250 PLUS completion of a public, group obedience class to forge a bond between you and him, and also to prove your commitment to his future happiness and well being. Something like Petsmart or Petco classes are great, because if you can loose-leash walk with attention through the gerbil aisle, you can walk with attention anywhere else, as well. This requirement does NOT mean private lessons and it doesn’t matter how many times YOU have completed this type of class in the past, anyone who actually understands dog training will understand that this requirement is for HIM.

Public group classes are recommended for all Available Malamutes! 

1) Fenced-in yard or a serious human athlete with a daily plan for exercising a tenacious breed designed to pull the entire family’s belongings in the most inhospitable place on earth. 

2) A Basic 8-week group obedience class is a must so you bond with them and they learn to trust you outside the home. 

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