Spotlight, 2006 VBS

Tom & Sunny at Wallace Memorial.

What did we do for summer vacation? We went to the Artic Edge and visited nearly a thousand vacation bible school kids in East Tennessee.

This summer VBS in East TN used the theme ‘Artic Edge’ and invited Wayeh to bring our dogs to meet the kids… and their just-as-eager teachers and parents. We started at Wallace Memorial then went on to Lyon’s Creek, Burnett Creek, Arlington, Mt Olive, Chilhowie Hills, Central Bearden & Bells Campground — if we left your name out, it wasn’t deliberate! We had a long wonderful summer and would do it all over again. Thank-you for having us and making us so welcome. The dogs and I loved every minute of it!

First, the kids didn’t know we were coming until we MUSHED the team into the chapel, the dogs kitted out in their sledding gear, pulling the cart, with me riding. The uproar was unreal. And the dogs loved every minute of it.

Tom T.

Mt. Olive was a special treat for the dogs. I was so proud of the dogs as we visited the Special Friends class. The dogs were not in the least intimidated by wheelchairs or walkers or canes — in fact, Maestro climbed up on the first wheelchair he came to give the man sitting in the chair a big, sloppy kiss — That’s my boy, not shy!

I was just really proud of all of them that summer.

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