TNMush Weaver’s Bend-2 12/29-30-2001

It was 17 degrees that night, full moon, and wispy cloud cover. We did 12 miles and whooped and hollered and told tall “tails” around the campfire that night.  Turns out it was much clearer with a film of cloud cover because it eliminated shadows. (Click on picture to reveal larger version.)

Team SoulSong – Malamute Joe is harnessed up and waiting to take Landon & Tami for a spin

Team Batot – Malamutes Ootik in rear, and Qimmik in front

Team Ward – Malamute Luke trucking along

Team Wayeh on the River Road as dusk approaches At wheel, Siberian John, Malamute Egret; at swing, Malamute Singer, Siberian Nu; at single lead Malamute Tom T.

Team Wayeh heading up into the hills (Malamute Summer subbed in for Malamute Singer wheel)

Team Wayeh – Taking a soup (baited water) break (John & Egret)

Teams Wayeh & SoulSong resting – L to R – Singer sitting, Joe sitting, Tom T. laying down, Summer standing

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