Spotlight, IABCA 2000

Grandma Justice, mama Summer, 4 kids from the Snow Song Litter — Tom T., Singer, Snowman & Winona — and cousin Faith, all went to Paducah… and danged if the temps didn’t drop to 22 degrees. Old lady Justice went WILD, flirting with everybody, scaring her grandsons.

Liz Norris handled Justice, Lynne Nappi handled Snowman, Tami Green handled Singer, Sidney handled Tom T. & Summer, DJ Whitewolf handled Wihnona, and John Moyers handled Faith. It was Old Home Week.

And Sidney got a wild hair and showed Singer & Tom T. in brace, after harness training them for 6 months. Wee-heee!

Gramma Justice, Snowman, Singer, Tom T., mama Summer, Wihnona, & cousin Faith
Summer in Group.

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