Training Logs 7/27/19 Puppy Tai Chi

Dino Yoga & Tai Chi for Puppies

So as an effort to get in better shape for the fall hiking season, my 4yo niece Sloane and I started (Kiddie) Dinosaur Yoga. Which kicked my butt. Seriously left me trashed. Especially my left lower back. We yoga together once a week when I have her on Mondays. Together we do chores, teach her cooking, work on her home-schooling, take care of her dogs, cats, and chickens… and do dinosaur yoga.

Sloane making cheesy cornbread piggies.

Which is actually fun. The first time through, I had to stop and just BREATHE. It was the inverted positions that got me. Weeks later, we’re both much better. But Sloane has the flexibility of a wet noodle. It’s kinduv freaky.

But once a week is not enough. So I found a Tai Chi video on Amazon for me at home. Because I’m not a complete masochist, I found a Tai Chi Fit Over 50 DVD with David-Dorian Ross. She finds it boring (sorry, David-Dorian.) But I’m loving it. I really feel it after I’m done, in my arms and thighs and the over-all calm feeling. (And also in my lower left back, it gets me every time, but less every time, too.)

EDIT: 1 month later, I’ve got no back pain, increased back flexibility, and more energy — WOW! Did not expect this.

What does this have to do with the dogs?

Well, first, I’m getting in shape to hike with them. And Dresden, Big D, was with me in the living room while I went through the positions. I noticed midway through that he was watching me closely. He finally came around and sat in front of me and when I did a knee sweep, he bounced up and then laid down again. When I moved to playing the peapod <not playing the peacock, as Sloane interpreted> he wound in between my legs and returned to a front sit. I’m laughing at this point and lost track of what I should be doing. So I added petting Dresden into the workout. Probably not with David-Dorian had in mind. But whatever works.

So Dinosaur Yoga with Sloane on Mondays and Tai Chi Fit Over 50 with David-Dorian & Dresden the rest of the week.

P.S. There is also Tai Chi Fit with wooden balls, wonder if Dresden would like that more? (Wonder how much I want to spend on a new chew toy for the wonder pup?)

P.P.S. 8/17/19 — I’ve added an older DVD, AM Tai Chi energy wake up with David-Dorian that I’m really enjoying. Is Tai Chi addictive? Or is it the hunky D-D? Or is it just because I feel better after following the routine? Mmm. Complete Disclosure, I like his voice over for the AM Tai Chi, and I don’t like her PM Tai Chi because I can’t follow what she’s asking us to do. I think it’s a scripting problem more than a Tai Chi problem.

My next purchase will be back to the Tai Chi Fit series Strength & Flow Bundle. Then I might get ambitious and hit the Tai Chi Fit Ball Workout for Beginners. But I’m looking at these workout balls.

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