Training Logs 9/30/19 Alyosha

To the Firehall


Morning Trip Report 9/30/19 — Alyosha and I were on our own this morning. 71 degrees, and clear. I worked up a good sweat, but we were moving quickly enough and it was cool enough, sweat dried. We did see a pretty train at Roddy Crossing. And I got a few autumn shots of our path on Old Dixie Lee, around to the Firehall and reversed, 2.25 miles total, with a water break in the middle.

Conditioning Plan for Hiking titles

The Working Pack Dog (WPD) titles requires the Malamute to carry 30% of his body weight for a minimum of 4ea 10-mile hikes. So we’re training for 6 miles in and 6 miles out, which just so happens to be the newest section of the Cumberland Trail at Soak Creek in Spring City, TN.

A pretty train at Roddy, TN, crossing.

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