Training Logs 10/28/2019

Morning Trip Report. 52/74 ° F and clear today. 53 ° at 9am when we walked.

After some foot pain on back-to-back 4-mile hikes on asphalt, I took a break to rest my feet. Switched shoes to my old New Balance cross-trainers with new Dr. Scholls inserts. Yuki & I did the Firehall route, 2.25 miles, and after some initial tension in my shins, because of a slightly different footfall, and which loosened up before mile 1, I’ve got no foot pain. These shoes have a lot of venting so my feet did get damp from the dewy grass, but easily dried out.

I think I’ll go back and do another 2.25 miles and see what happens.

After initial hyper-excitement — because she was going-going-going to go, wha-hoooooo! — Yuki was magnificent, as always. She walked beside or behind me all the way out. In the last half mile on the way back, she did get a little insisitant on the leash, which is funny considering how pumped she was to get going. But most animals love the barn.

Happy Trails.
–SHS 2019

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