Training Logs 10/22/2019

Morning Trip Report. 3 miles. Started at 8am, 55°F, going to be a bright day, but right now it’s cold and damp. Wore shorts, my zip fleece, and a 9# backpack. Sailor was packless.

Sailor, goof
3yo Sailor

I am liking the practice of starting out slightly underdressed for the weather, and warming up as I go. Being slightly cool to begin with allows for fewer layers to take off later.

Sailor is a goof. He is also very aware of anything I ask him to do. Where his kennelmate Yosha is always banging on the leash, Sailor will tug and release. Perfect. He’s very aware of where he is and what I’m asking him to do. He rarely gets tangled in the leash and if he steps over, he fixes it himself. I can’t help but call him Big Head Fred when I’m putting his training collar on, he just has a big broad head. And he sits so pretty while I fiddle with his gear.

We met the cows today, including the big red bull. After Yuki’s reaction yesterday, I was braced for… whatever.

Sailor marched along obliviously until we were nearly passed them. Red bull snorted at him. He glanced over.

Oh. Cows. Yeah.

Kept on trucking.

What a good boy!

Cattails in the morning sun.

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