Training Logs 10/20/2019

Morning Trip Report. 50 degrees and overcast.

I was wearing too many clothes. In the mornings it’s in the 30-40s, in the afternoons it’s up to 60. That’s three different wardrobes. So I unzipped and then stripped off as we hiked. Next time I’ll hike without the layers and warm up as I go.

Bayou was wearing her REI backpack stuffed with fleece blankets, 3#. Alyosha was wearing his Wehana backpack with 3 rolled fleece blankets on each side, 5#. I was wearing a training backpack with 9# of water.

Bayou met her first cow and was bamboozled. Completely gobsmacked. Alyosha glanced over, saw it, and ignored it. He could care less. But Bayou, what is this magical creature? She wasn’t afraid, she was fascinated. The cows were wary. Best we keep hiking.

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