Training Logs, 2007

10/05/07, Friday
It’s hot, it’s really hot, humid as well.  We’ve had the hottest summer on record, and the driest.  Winter is going to be interesting…  We’re doing preparation and planning and so far not much running.

Maestro has been running in harness at dog shows and for dogshow prep — 3 miles pulling me on the scooter — since Sep 20 irregularly.

Will start fall weightpull training now, small team training below 60 F.  Need to re-wax sled and check tires & brakes on cart.  Dog Trailer has broken taillight.  Ganglines AOK, harnesses to be washed and will check sizes — lots of new kids in training this fall.

We’ll start with individual drag/command training:

2ys Seranade, Clay, Shiver, Brady
1y Tori
10m Honey
7m Parka
6m Music

Some of them are working on weightpull titles already:

5y Storm (3 WWPD legs, pulling 2000lbs, my one-ton baby!)
4y Maestro & Sunny (1 WWPD leg ea)

Once the new kids have some idea about harnesses, things dragging behind them, and have heard the commands a few times, we’ll graduate to scooter teams:

2y Clay, 2y Shiver
5y Storm WTD, 2y Brady
7y Tom T. WTD, 1y Tori
4y Maestro WTD, 10m Honey
4y Kayobi WTD, 7m Parka, 
4y Sunny WTD, 6m Music

Once they can work with another dog & add speed w/ the scooter, we’ll add power with cart teams:

7y Tom T. WTD, 7y Singer WTD, 2y Seranade, 1y Tori, 10m Honey
4y Maestro WTD, 4y Sunny WTD, 7m Parka, 6m Music
5y Storm WTD, 2y Shiver, 2y Clay, 2y Brady

At least that’s the plan going in.

11/23/07, Friday

It’s not Thanksgiving without dogsledding, at least at Wayeh.  And we got a real shot in the arm with a new toy.  Tractor Supplies “Heavy-Duty Adult Pedal Kart” is a BLAST.  Took Tom with me to pick it up and we stopped at the Fountain City ball park.  Retired?  Whose your daddy?

It’s not been consistently cold and I haven’t made the time to run the dogs I had originally planned.  But we have been working.

Thanksgiving Weekend Plan

Teamwork w/ Kart 

Maestro & Sunny
Tom & Singer

Groundwork w/ Tire or Tobaggon

2ys Clay, Brady
1y Tori & Honey
9m Parka
8m Music

————– Sprained knee, on crutches for 2 months, temps too warm to resume and I was too shaky to struggle with excited dogs in harness

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