Training Logs 2002-2003

September 2002

9/7/02, Saturday, 6:30 am, 55°F/37% humidity. Done by 8 am. 
Took puppies on walkies at the track in Rockwood — 2 miles, both Siberians Sam & Ruth, both Malamutes River & Kate.  Back and took Tom on the Sacco Cart.  To Firehall, then just passed Roddy Road to Bill Clack’s pond, and back, 1 mile.  Story.  First day of the season it was below 60 degrees.

9/8/02, Sunday, 7 am, 61°F/38%.  Done by 8:30
Siberians on Walkies at track, 3/4 mile, Sam & Ruth.  Sam is MUCH better in lead than Ruth, Sam works, Ruth looks around.  Put Singer and Tom on Sacco.  To Bethel, then Firehall, Bill Clack’s Pond, then back passed Beaver Pond, 1 mile.  Story

9/12/02, Singer & Tom on the Sacco.  Hayfields/shoulders down to Roddy Road, back to Firehall and home.  Singer on the left means she wants to push Tom to the right the whole trip — especially into traffic.  Didn’t have this trouble when he’s on the left.  Still trouble fitting his harness.  1.5 miles. 

9/23/02, Monday, 7 am, 55°F
Kate & River on brace coupler walked 2 miles learning how to untangle themselves.  So far only 4 days in acceptable temps.  Much hotter than last year.  Worked some on clicker training obedience and stand/stack for conformation.

October 2002

10/3/02, Thursday, 6 am, 65°F
Leashed back to me 1 mile dirt trips (Fire Hall and Back) Rebel & Brandi, Ruth & Sam, Kate & River. (YES!) Story.

10/6/02, Sunday, 7 am, 50°F
Hurricane Lili made it wet for the last few days.  Hot & rainy.  But the fronts have come in cooler now.  Ran the first big team, Singer & Tom, Rebel & Brandi, Jazz & Bess.   Nearly 2 miles.  Wonderful trip.  Story.

7 pm, 65°F
Yes, it’s me again, Margaret.  Took the pups out when the sun dropped below the ridges.  Too hot, but we went slow.  Pictures.

10/7/02, Monday
Rained from midnight to noon.  Didn’t Run.

10/8/02, Tuesday, 7:30 am, 57°F
Puppy team out.  1 Mal pup and 1 Sibe pup each position — didn’t work.  Sibes want to be near each other.  Have to keep it slow.  River doesn’t like the fast pace.  Kate pulled like the Sibes.  Way to go,  girl.  Nu and John were great up front except…  went to Old Roddy Store and back 3 mile trip — too far.  They got tired and started not paying attention.  Went after a ground hog just passed the fire hall.  Refused to lead out and cross the highway on the way home.  Tired I think.  Will try turn-backs and run the dirt a couple of times and see how that goes.  Will stay off asphalt.  Will do turns and hold them until they are eager to go.  Make “laps” more interesting.

10/9/02, Wednesday, 8-8:40 am hookup to watering down, Team A went out.  Tom & Sing, Bess & Brandi, Rebel & Jazz.  Went all the way down to the old Roddy Store on Hwy 27 and then cut over onto old 27 and around the Fire Hall.  Went that far because Tom thought he would make the decision to cut over at Roddy Road.  But I didn’t tell him to.  And when I told him not to, he ignored me.  Because we ALWAYS did it that way.  So we went another half mile down the bike path before cutting over.  Total 3 miles.  Got to keep them in a trot.  Got to convince my main leaders to cut over on the grass, would save their feet and keep us off the main road even with the bike path.  Rained starting at 11 am.

2:30 pm, 65°F
Hiked part of Camp Creek with Sam & Ruth.  Went up to cabin, to power lines, back into woods, and down to Camp Creek.  Took Alternate Route back to Hwy 27 and came home.  Next time use harnesses instead of collars, they’re pulling anyway.  Have to work on a couple of sections where trees are down.  May start a new trail across from Clack’s Crossing to stay off driveways.  Mom suggested cutting a trail over on Fisher’s since they don’t care and live in Florida.  Will keep us off the 200 foot trail-drop on the power lines.

10/12/02, Saturday, 8-9:40 am hookup to watering down, 55°F
New route.  Team A (Sing & Tom lead, Bess & Brandi swing, Jazz & Rebel wheel),  Story.

10/13/02, Sunday, 8:15-8:40 am hookup to watering down, 55°F
Sacco with Tom & Singer.  The anticipated 47 degrees did not happen.  Took them to Bethel, then the Firehall — couple of miles.  They did pretty well.  Stripped a clip from the bar that holds Tom’s harness on.  Improvised with neckline.  These cloth straps are all rotting.  May have to replace them all.  Got to size their harnesses better and MARK them so I know whose is whose.  Altogether a wonderful, mostly uneventful run.

10/14/02, Columbus Day, Monday, 8:00-9:30 am hookup to watering down, 50°F
Took A Team, Tom, Singer, Bess, Brandi, Rebel, Jazz.  Started out that way, came back switched around.  Cool, bright daylight at 8 am, will bump back to 7:30 and wear headlamp and strobe. Story.

7pm, 65°F
Took River and Kate out harnessed to leashes, walked to Firehall and back on grass.  100 feet from the Firehall they figured out they were supposed to be PULLING instead of wandering around and smelling and stopping and getting dragged forward when they stopped or wandered.  The whole way back they pulled together. Half a mile altogether.

10/15/02, Tuesday, 8:00-8:30 am hookup to watering down, 57°F
Puppy Team.  River is not pulling.  We were going faster than last night, but she’s just trying to keep up.  Everyone else pulled great.  Nu & John really have the hang of staying in the grass until the Hodge’s airstrip, at which point we crossed over and came back on the other side — I forgot the Hodge’s horses, the dogs didn’t.  We had a few lessons in ON-BY, mostly John.  I expected the puppies to be nutty.  All told, little over a mile.

10/16/02, Wednesday 47°F
Didn’t run.  Day of Rest.  Laziness.  

10/17/02, Thursday 40°F @ 8 am
Mixed up the teams.  Took out John & Nu up front.  Then Tom & Sing.  Mala-babies River & Kate in back.  Too fast going down the driveway.  River is not pulling.  Not a step.  Thought this slower team would help.  It didn’t.  Went in the grass to the Hodges’ airstrip.  Down the shoulder to Bethel.  Passed the bloated deer carcass.  That was fun.  Down Roddy Road to the Firehall, back on the grass.  Lots of power in that slow team.  John pulled up lame in the last 20 feet.

Then hooked up the red team.  Now there is some speed.  Bess & Jazz up front.  Then Brandi & Rebel.  Babies Ruth & Sam in back.  Took them through the grass to the Hodges’ air strip, passed the bloated deer — yuck — to Bethel.  Down Roddy road, across the RR tracks, down Old Dixie Lee to Foursquare.  Reverse.  Tried Brandi & Bess up front.  Bess wouldn’t lead out.  Put Jazz back up with her and they lead out.  Still having trouble with driveways and rabbit trails.  But she’s getting better.  Jazz is listening as well.  This team has a lot of speed.  But they wore out about mile 4 — we’re running later than usual and the kids were playing at Angel Care.  “Snow Dogs!  Snow Dogs!”  Which means I had 6 dogs plastered to the fence.  Oh well.

10/18/02, Friday 37°F @ 8 am
Hooked up Mala-girls River an Kate to work on River’s pulling.  She pulls fine when the team isn’t dragging her.  Maybe I just rushed it.  We’ll keep working off the team and see how she does.  

Then took Singer with the weightpull tire.  She pulled in 30-foot increments down to Helen’s driveway.  Then pulled the whole way back in one pull.  She’s going to be great this year, should get her WWPD legs this time.  Her technique and self-confidence and strength are much better than last year.  

10/19/02, Saturday 35°F @ 7:30-9 am, 6 miles
<g>  Ran Bess & Jazz up front, Nu & John at swing, Rebel & Brandi @ wheel.  Part way through Jazz started letting up.  Put Brandi up front and Jazz at wheel, he immediately started pulling and so did she.  About half the trip.  Then midway back from the turn-around she quit so put John up front.  Sleddog-L suggested putting experienced leaders behind the ones you are training — really works.  Went in the grass to the Hodge’s airstrip, cut over to the shoulder.  Bess wanted to anticipate the turn to Roddy Road (typical when they get a little confident) so I made them go on to the old Roddy Store crossover.  Which put another mile on the trip.  6 miles today.  May try Bill Clack’s loop next time and see if it’s a trial we can run.

10/20/02, Sunday 40 Siberian team, Bess & Jazz up front, Nu & John, Rebel & Brandi — musical positions for Bess’ co-lead.  Came back and ran Tom & Sing.

Rain-Rain-Rain for a week.  Then the Knoxville shows and prep for a week.  Recovery (mine).  Chores I neglected getting ready for the shows…. temps have finally DROPPED!

November 2002

11/7/02, Thursday 40°F @ 8 am, 6 + 8 miles
I hate red dogs.  Story

11/8/02, Friday 44°F @ 8 am, 6 miles both teams
Took Tom and Singer (Malamutes) out on the Sacco for leader training.  Went back and fourth on the normal trail, turns and come backs.  Really confused them a lot.  Made them pull the Sacco  cart. Took the Siberian team out on the 3-wheeled cart.  6 miles there as well, Bethel to Old Dixie to Foursquare and reverse to Firehall.

11/9/02. Saturday 
Daytrip to Cookeville knocked out running.

11/10/02, Sunday 50°F @ 8 am, 4 & 6 & 2 miles 
Took Tom & Sing (Mals) out on the 3-wheeled cart.  Left the whole 6-dog section in place so I could train them with a little reality and added weight.  Worked on just turns as 2 things at once seemed to confuse Tom and shake his confidence a little.  Sibe team ran fine.Bess and Jazz up front, then Bess and Brandi.  Then had the nephews and nieces and we took the 4 pups for a long walk in harnesses.

11/11/02, Monday 60°F @ 9 am, 4 & 6 miles.
For my 36th birthday, we had tornadoes between Spring City and Roddy last night after midnight.  Fatalities north of us in Morgan Co.  Warm and terrible winds last evening.  Hail in Nashville.  Clear by 9 am.  Trees down across several roads. Took Tom and Sing on the 3-wheeled cart with no help.  So we went down the grassy shoulder to Bethel, over towards the Firehall.  Had a heck of a time with the horse just south of the firehall.  Singer put her shoulders in it and turned off her ears and we had a little lesson in listening to mom or else.  Went around the firehall, down old Roddy Straight.  Then instead of coming back across the highway, we did a couple of turns in the mowed paths through blackberry bramble fields.  Which headed us back towards the firehall.  And the horse.  And had another lesson.  Went almost back to Bethel Church and did a come back.  And back passed the horse.  Which she was watching, but went passed.  At home, neighbor’s new Jack Russel charged us as we came into our own driveway.  All I could do to keep the 2 of them off him.  They will hurt him if they get hold of him.  Sibe team out with nephew Jordan on the bike and niece Allison as a passenger.  bent the heck out of the front of the cart when we went into a ditch — that or face a stampeding horse…  The one Singer pissed off earlier.  Terrific,  Bess and Brandi up front the whole way.  Jazz and Rebel at swing.  Nu and John at wheel.  This is a GOOD team.  Strong and steady.  Watered down at Foursquare.  Reverse route.

11/12/02, Tuesday, 40°F @ 8 am, 3 miles.
ATV Sibe team with Tom & Singer at wheel.  I NEED AN ATV.

11/13/02, Wednesday, 36°F @ 7 am, 2 & 8 miles.
36 degrees this am at daybreak. By 7 am I was hooking dogs up. Just Tom and Singer. I’m working them much slower than normal, using the brakes and taking rougher trails to work on muscles for weightpulling in December. Took Bill Clack Loop and got off the trail somehow. Thankfully only had 2 to get sorted out. 2 miles.   Came back and hooked up the 6-Sibe team. Took them 8 miles, they did GREAT! Very strong until mile 7, but it’s the first time we’ve ramped up to 8. I have the team sorted out. Bess & Brandi in lead, Jazz & Rebel at swing, John & Nu at wheel. Went to Macedonia and then to Foursquare and then the Firehall. 8 miles.  Pictures.

11/14/02, Thursday, 39°F @ 7 am, 8 miles.
Jazz limping this am so hooked up his son Sam instead.  8 miles in the frosty aire…

11/15/02, Friday, 8 miles on the Sibe team, 3 on the Malamutes — braking the whole way, and just the 2 of them.

11/16/02, Saturday, Tom & Sing at wheel, John & Nu at swing, Bess & Brandi at lead.  Dratted no good rotten so-and-so’s went across 4 lanes of highway to go after horses — tangled in the Hodge’s fence or we’d have been in real trouble.  Worked them hard with the brake on for the next 7 miles and wore them out.

11/16/02, Sunday, Bess & Brandi, John & Nu, Rebel & Jazz.  Drag Tire.  Really slowed them down.  Down to Bethel, over to Old Dixie, down to Macedonia.  Reverse to Foursquare.  Reverse to Firehall and home.  About 5 miles loaded the drag tire on the cart.  Worked on verbal WHOA! every half mile, heaps of praise.  Bess was tuckered — wouldn’t go across the highway at the end.  Tired and confused.  Came home and remembered hearing screams.  Figured at the time someone was getting beat up in the puppy pack.  Couldn’t find 7mo Ruth.  Finally did find her hung up in a piece of wire they had dug up out of the yard — OLD wire, rusted, and around her foot.  Foot cold and I cut her loose.  Brought her in the house and she’s not walking on it.  Called the vet’s pager. (Not running the Mals until I know what’s up with her foot.)

11/17/02, Monday
Day off.

11/19/02, Tuesday
Raining Heavily

11/20/02, Wednesday, 40°F, 6 miles, 1.5 hours
Malamutes Tom & Singer off a double lead on the Sacco.  We’re still working on stopping on this thing.  They are systematically trying to murder me with this safest cart ever built.

11/21/02, Thursday,
Siberian team.  Headlamp on the way back in.  They are so STRONG, even with the tire dragging behind.  They would be something fierce in snow <g>.

11/22/02, Friday, 41°F at 9 am, in at 11:00 now 35°F, new route Hubert 6 miles
Late start. Sibe team (B&B, Jazz & Rebel, John & Nu) to Roddy Road, then to Old Dixie Lee, then all the way to Hubert.  Turned around at Cawood Loop.  Dragged tire all the way back to Woodward’s house, then picked it up.  High for the day at 5 am this morning.  Team was STRONG.  Midget, hairy hotdogs attacked us a mile north of the Dixie Lee RR Crossing.  10 lbs of noise and fury and Bess lead us through despite a bunch of strutting males who wanted to eat the hairy hotdogs.  Home, unharnessed, fed lightly, put dogs out…. and it’s snowing.  <Great Big FROWN here>  Not while we were out working — but after we’re done for a few hours.  Sure.  That’s fair.  Will run Hubert and Foursquare and it comes to 10 miles.

Skipped a few days writing it down, but Jazz pulled a stunt and wouldn’t come when called to harness up, so I ran the other 5 and 1 pup for 2 miles, came back, turned them around, switched pups….  did this 4 trips and completely ignored him during and afterwards.  He’s been my shadow for 2 days.  Didnt’ run him then either.

11/27/02, Wednesday, 30°F at 3pm,2 hours 15 minutes, 10 miles
Took the adult Sibe team down to Roddy store, back to Roddy Rd, to Dixie, then to Hubert, then to Foursquare (picked up the tire at the Woodwards’ after 6 miles), then back to the Roddy Rd and the RR, train across the tracks and they got a rest, did NOT want to HA turn towards where the trains had been, but we worked it out.  They pulled very strong.  Very cold today.  Getting ready for LBTL Sat-Sun.

11/28/02, Thursday, 29°F at 7am, 1 hours 30 minutes, 6 miles
Tom and Sing @ wheel, Jazz & Nu @ swing, Bess & John in lead.  Team was MUCH MUCH slower.  Tom (100 lbs) is the one slowing them down.  I half way think Singer (75 lbs) could keep up with the Sibes (35-55 lbs).  Dragged the tire the whole way.  Unhooked Tom and Sings tug lines until we got onto the highway.  Bess is learning to Gee over and look for a path to the highway from the hayfield.  Lined them out on the shoulder and hooked Tom & Sing’s tugs and away we went.  Strong but not nearly as fast as a 6-dog Sibe team.  I am having visions next year of an 8 Sibe team Bess-Brandi-Sam-Ruth-Jazz-Rebel-John-Nu and a 5 Mal team Tom-Sing-Kate-River-Taku… I have GOT to get an ATV before then.  Or run them off the truck — not nearly as much fun…  Happy Thanksgiving to me.  <g>

11/29/02, Friday, 24°F at 7am, 20 minutes, 2 miles
Warm up for this weekend.  The guys did NOT want to come back.  Bess turned completely around 3 times on the way back.  But they were lackadaisical on the way out.  BORED I think with the routine.  This weekend should cure boredom with routine…

December 2002

11/30-12/1, Saturday-Sunday, 15-40°F, 27 miles, Land Between the Lakes

12/7-8/02, Saturday-Sunday 20-45°F Weightpull3rd Annual Southern Exposure IWPA Weightpull.  Snow Sledding at night, Tom, Sing, Bess, puppies.  Pictures

January 2003

Jan 4 – Hiked Piney River segment of the Cumberland Trail with Singer.

Jan 11 – Hiked Piney River segment of the Cumberland Trail with Singer, Tami, Landen & Joe came along.

Jan 16 – SNOW.  Ran the dogs for 5 hours.  Siberian adult team (Nu & Bess in lead, Jazz & John at wheel), Malamute team (Tom & Singer in lead, River & Kate at wheel), Big team (Nu & John in lead, Bess & Jazz at swing, Ruth & Sam at team, Singer at wheel).

Jan 17 – Day-After-Snow.  Ran the All-Sibe team for 4 hours (Bess & Sam at lead, Ruth & Jazz at swing, John & Nu at wheel).  Train across tracks and we couldn’t get back, so we ran some more.  We were all whipped when we finally got home.  Everyone napped, then woke up HUNGRY!  Me, and the dogs.

November 2003

9/9/03, Tuesday 
Charles X Singer litter arrives 4 days early with some difficulty.  Very warm September and running AC.  Will start fall weightpull training when it’s below 70 F with low humidity.  Small team training when below 60 F.  Need to re-wax sled and re-paint cart.  Dog Trailer wiring needs repairs.  Ganglines AOK, harnesses AOK but need more sizes.

9/16/03, Tuesday, 7pm, River a little tentative in weightpull – can’t pull truck tire, back down to motorcycle tire – she’s in blooming heat as well.  To mom’s driveway and back, 1/4 mile is current goal for everyone.  Storm is a whirling dervish but pulls strong.  Tom yells until I take him out with the big tire.  (Kate’s at UT).  Jazz is jazzed!  Spins a lot but moves out steadily at a trot.  Goals are Jazz, River, Kate, & Storm to the December Danville KY pull and them plus Singer to the January Knoxville TN pull with IWPA.  Will also be working Mishak and Millie for Lori Hicks/Masasyu NY so if they are in shape from running, can try the January pull maybe.

9/17/03, Wednesday, 7:30pm, River calmer, Storm better in larger harness needs focus, Jazz strong.  Got better shoes.

9/18/03  Thursday – rest

9/19/03 – Friday, 6pm, 70Kate is completely wimping out.  Down driveway and had to pull it back uphill for her.  River much stronger, working on leave-it and on-by.  Storm is a Wohali bitch, spin and fall.  No way to leave her, she’s banging the harness.  Will have to obedience train WAIT separately.  Jazz is a monster.

9/20/02, Saturday, 5 pm, 75°F, too hot, humidity is up
Storm is getting stronger, better in 80lb harness even though she’s 70lbs.  River is settling down and long so needs 80lb harness as well.  Jazz is awesome but spins, 80 is too large, 65 has too big a neck, and 60 too small, ordered 70lb WP harness for him..  Once temps drop below 50 will hook up small teams — Tom in front of Mala-girls, Kate (surgery Monday), River and Storm.  John & Nu in front of Jazz & Bess (alternate lead positions for practice, they are all over 2yo).  Singer’s out with puppies right now.  Goals are Jazz, Storm, River, & Kate Working Team Dog.

9/21/03, Sunday rest

9/22/03, Monday 

October – too warm to train, puppies born 9/9 are weaning and taking all my time

November – Knoxville Dog show the first week, taking puppies home, temps in the 80s through 11/9

11/10, Monday – 55 degrees, weightpull training, drag tires, and working on technique down gravel driveway and back up.  Tom and Bess are not going this year, too many young dogs to bring up, John & Nu desolate that they are excluded — too warm for team training yet.  After Danville weightpull in December

  • 12mo Storm – 2 trips, works like a fiend, running the whole time, head down and pulling (great form), wild on the starts, have to work on WAIT.
  • 18mo River – 1 trip, works because I ask her to, stresses, and lunges in harness instead of head down and pulling.
  • 18mo Kate – refused to pull
  • 2.5yo Jazz – Siberian lunge and scream uphill, head down running downhill
  • 2.5yo Lori’s Millie – soft, soft temperament, works beautifully, lovely form, 2 trips and hardly working
  • 4yo Singer – pulls in a pace

11/11, Tuesday – 50 degrees, Happy Birthday to me!  Working on technique more than weight, working on WAIT and lots of praise.  First trip down the driveway and back is just warming up, second trip down is one pull, but across grass (some of them) and back up is stop-start.

Storm – 2 trips on gravel and across deep grass, she could do it, but really struggled, works like a fiend, loves to go, last trip hooked up 2nd tire and she went half-way down the driveway and then back
River – lunges instead of pulling, worries about things
Jazz – refused to pull an inch, sat and grinned at me, tail swiping back and forth
Millie – head down and working, 2 trips, grass was fine, 2 tires was fine
Singer – pulls without enthusiasm, over on grass, ears down, lots of praise, didn’t do second trip

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