HEROES’24 Litter (TD X Cedar)

Wayeh First to Nome “TD”
X Wayeh Red-dy When U R “Cedar”

Accepting Reservations now.
if you are interested in purchasing a Wayeh Alaskan Malamute Puppy.

Born 1/4/2024

Papa TD WS47849201 (now 11yo!) 10-gen COI 12% (a linebreeding,) OFA/Thyroid/CERF, 80#, 24″, gray sable long-coat. Note: The old boy TD has sired TWO litters as a 10yo.

Mama Cedar WS70415001, 10-gen COI 12%, (a linebreeding,) OFA prelim GOOD/Thyroid/CERF, #65, 22″, RED AGOUTI & white with a correct (weatherproof and easy-shed) coat.

With a 10-gen COI (Co-efficient of Inbreeding) of 15%, this litter is a linebreeding on our lovely Akai.

AKC mjr ptd UKC WWPD Wayeh Rtic Seas “Akai”

Picks at 7 weeks, after Temperament Tests

First pick male staying @ Wayeh, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th pick males AVAILABLE

  • Male1, Seal
  • Male2, Dark Agouti
  • Male3, Agouti
  • Male4, Gray with small blaze
  • Male5, Gray with large blaze


This litter theme is HEROES, past or present, fictional or historical. Get creative. You can call the puppy “Bob” if you want to, but the official name will include a reference to a HERO.

  • Wayeh King of the Wild Frontier “Crockett” (staying @ Wayeh)
  • Wayeh Wild Wild West “Artemis”
  • Wayeh Mighty Thor “Hammer”
  • Wayeh Midnight Ride “(Paul) Revere”
  • Wayeh ______ “Patton”
  • Wayeh Rocky Balboa “KO”
  • Wayeh Zorro
  • Wayeh _____


This litter is Wayeh’s 13th Generation through Sunny.

  1. Wayeh Needa Mist ROM OB-ROM “Wayeh”
  2. Wayeh’s Nvwati Svnoyi ROM “Midnight”
  3. CH Wayeh’s Sassafras Lass “Razzy”
  4. Wayeh’s Shoshone Sunwalker IWPA-WWPDX ” Shoney”
  5. CH Wayeh’s Arctic Wind’s Shadow CGC TT TDI “Shadow”
  6. CH Wayeh’s Cherokee Summer CGC WTD “Summer”
  7. CH Wayeh’s Soul Song CGC RN WTD WLD “Singer” from the SNOW SONG Litter 
  8. AKC/INT CH Wayeh Singn Follow Me Masasyu CGC RN WTD UWP “Sunny”
  9. Wayeh Pacific Evening Star “Theia”
  10. Wayeh-Pacific Here’s Mud in UR Ice “Cheers”
  11. Wayeh Get a Lil Mud on UR Tires “Bayou”
  12. Wayeh Red-dy When U R “Cedar”
  13. TD X Cedar’24 HEROES Litter

Galleries, the Puppies

Male1, seal, double bar & blaze

Male2, dark agouti, wide dark blaze

Male3, agouti & white, narrow bar, high white on legs

Male4, gray & white, small snipet

Male5, gray & white, fleur de lis, light goggles

Galleries, the Parents


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