2021 Storms: 2/5/22

February 5, 2022 – Absolutely gorgeous day, cold but magnificent. Dan & Sherry and I got the last 2 kennels replaced with temp panels, but better than what was there, until I can buy 2 more Retriever kennels from TSC. We loaded another trailer of metal recycling. And staged more metal debris for recycling or upcycling to perimeter fences. The roofs are next. Car canopy connectors, chainlink fence toprails, mesh shade tarps and solid tarps. Again, we will start on the right (Yuki’s kennel) and build out as many as we can until we run out of parts. Also, doghouses, perimeter fencing, and block pavers replacement. Must find bobcat guy and tree guy as well as buy the final 2 Retriever kennels, more toprails and pressure treated 2x4s.

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