2021 Storms: 1/15/22

January 15, 2022 – Storm Clean-Updates. Thanks Dan Gile for giving me a day today, couldn’t have done it without you. Started early with chainsaws and piled the burnpile back up again, burned it down and started over again, twice. Hauled another load of non-burnable, non-metal debris to the dump. Then started on Yuki’s kennel. It hurts me to look at that giant double log on top of the smashed kennel roof, on top of the flattened doghouse and kennel panels, but it didn’t hurt one but to burn more of that infernal, cursed thing. Had to unpile things, it was a twisted heap and mangled roof and panels and broken pieces and tarps and that TREE. The tree/gravel/bobcat guy is coming this week, I’m hoping he can shove the rest of that log down the hill where it can rot harmlessly out of sight and out of the way, then I can start kennel panel replacement, etc. Oh, the fun things we are going to do this week.

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