2021 Storms: 12/21/21

December 21, 2021

Storm Clean-Update: OK, after a couple of days of really foul, black moods, it’s time for a sucky-mood reversal. Solstice, check. Dark days getting brighter, check. To-do List, ever expanding, check and check again. Counting my blessings, check, check, many check-check-checks. Weather is in my favor, and even if it wasn’t, heckin’ check.

Got the little 8″ battery chainsaw going. Made progress. Started a new brush pile in the front yard. Got the volunteer trees down from in front of the house. Used ratchet straps to make sure I didn’t hit the propane tank, because… well, right. Did not in fact, hit the propane tank.

Still To Do

  • Finish clearing out around main tree damage so machines can work on removing the last log from the kennels (brush and brambles and small scrub trees)
  • Find tree guy to drop big trees
  • burn debris pile
  • schedule gravel delivery and
  • schedule bobcat to spread gravel
  • Demolish/replace damaged kennel roofs, kennel panels, doghouses, paver blocks
  • breathe

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