2021 Storms: 12/17/21

December 17, 2021

December 17, 2021 – Day 7 – Drizzling. So, hauled another load of debris to the dump. Picked up the replacement stock tanks from Tractor Supply Company (TSC.) Locked myself out of my van not an hour after razzing my niece Allison about having a second set of keys. Th same niece who had to bring my spare set of keys to TSC and rescue me. Thanks, Ally. Checked and the remaining kennel panels should be arriving soon. Came home to this. Never had one bloom before. Nice. Hope to make progress this weekend on clearing the debris, or replacing panels, or rebuilding doghouses. Need chainsaws and dragging brush. Appreciate every single one of you who stepped up, couldn’t have done this without you.

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