Spotlight, Spring Clean Fling 2019

5/21-22/2019 – We had a Spring Clean Fling. Puppy socialization, people fellowship, kennel repairs, cleanup, and food (of course.)

Thank-you so much, ladies: Connie (who owns Misha & Kimba) drove in from NJ, Londa (Cougar & Sh-Boom, then Yosha & Kyra) from AL, & Pam (Dancer & Lace, then Doc) from GA.

We hauled away the last of the spring 2019 flood damage in the basement, plus some more, got the rolling weedwacker going, and gave everything a good scrub down.

We had some major kennel repairs to perform after the 80-year-old pine tree lost its top in a winter storm — right across two kennels, no injuries to dogs but SQUASHED kennel panels and shade roofs, but we got that all patched up. Also we got bricks leveraged under kennel panels. And made a list of further needed repairs.

PLUS we socialized dogs like mad. Everyone was exhausted when the ladies left. But there is always time to eat when you visit Wayeh — Blondie’s for burgers & Gondolier for Greek and Italian.

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