Spotlight, Summer 2019 – Yardwork

Halfway done with the downhill yard mowing.

As a Continuation of the Spring Clean Fling, I’m hacking away at the field grass and fence rows in the downhill play yard. After the Right of Way was cleared last spring, there was a ton of chopped up brush left to rot in the yards, so I’m pulling that out, branch by branch, log by log, and using the push mower and the string trimmer to knock down the grass afterwards. It’s the South, if you turn your back for a month, grass jumps knee high. The fence rows were cleaned off 3 years ago, but they’ve gone wild again, so I’m also hacking those down, taking down out-of-control vines and volunteer trees with the loppers, hedge trimmer and saws-all. All this in about 90 minutes a day and then total collapse because it gets HOT. Dishes (AVAILABLE) and Dresden wandered down to help me take pictures after all the commotion stopped.

To Do: Play Yard

  • Finish clearing then push-mowing the hilly half of the play yard
  • Clear 1000′ of perimeter fence of trees, vines, roses, blackberries, & spirea.
  • Spray 1000′ of perimeter fence.
  • Haul away 4’x8′ platforms.
  • Bring down gravel to fill in holes.
  • Finish adding 16′ hogpanels to reinforce perimeter wire — 800′ completed 3 years ago, 200′ to go.
  • Clear out shed & honey house (80′ pine tree crushed them.)

Still To Do:

  • Replace broken belt on Swisher string trimmer
  • Get Huskey riding mower started (can use it for weekly mowing once the yard is clear and shipshape again)
  • Get mom’s gas-powered string trimmers running again.
  • Replace both chains on 8″ Black & Decker chainsaws

Yardwork Areas

  • Outside Play yard, pine tree top #2
  • Front yard
  • Agility yard
  • Driveway yard
  • Stairs & Terraces
  • North field

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