TNMush Land Between the Lakes 11/29-12/1/02

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(See About Sleddogs for more pictures.) We had a blast at Land Between the Lakes (LBL). 

Jeff brought 2 of his racing Siberians for leader training on his scooter — because of a slight mishap the weekend before RIGHT where we were running. 

Annie brought her rescue Odin for fun and socialization and practice in harness. And I brought my 6 Siberians and my 3-wheeled cart. Somehow we didn’t have any Malamutes this trip, but on New Years, I’ll fix that!

I learned how to cook “broth” in a tin Eukanuba bucket. Figured out how to repair a brake spring when it snaps off and you didn’t BRING any replacement springs but you did bring your linesman pliers with wire cutters built in. And how to climb a hill we have fondly named K2. I learned that coyotes will stand right over the crest of the hill and stare at your dogs as you come up the trail. And that squirrels are just as suicidal on that end of the state as they are on this end. 

My little team ran 6-7 miles, then rested and had a warm snack (tin bucket cooking). Then another 6-7 miles and another warm snack. Then another 8 miles and a warm meal while we camped out — it was 15 degrees this morning and crystal clear and we were all grateful for morning coffee even if we don’t normally drink it. Then we did 6-7 miles (but real fast because it was morning and COLD), went back to the truck and packed for home. They were incredible. And breakfast at the Pelican Restaurant in Grand Rivers was AWESOME –steak and eggs, hashbrowns, biscuits and gravy for $7.25, wow!

Next weekend is Danville, KY, the IWPA weightpull, check out Hope to see you there.

We are going BACK to LBL for New Years Eve. We plan on two nights out, lots more miles, and New Years Eve in the park. Everyone is welcome, you don’t have to have a team or even a sleddog. You can camp in your vehicle if you want and never leave the campsite. This is the perfect place to hike or walk or just get away from home. Everything from flat fields, creek bottoms, ridgelines, to our new friend K2 — which we could have avoided, but we became very close before the end of the weekend. <g>

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