Spotlight, Aug 2017 – Eclipse

Spotlight 8/21/17 — Mike J. came up from Florida (without his pair of lovelies Roxy & Diesel from the Wayeh WEST litter — Wyatt X Seranade) but we forgave him because he brought eclipse glasses!  We had a great time during the Total Eclipse of the Sun in Spring City, TN.  We were in the totality for more than 2 minutes and it was an awesome experience watching the “dawn” due north which was out of the shadow.

Yes, we wore solar glasses.  No, the dogs didn’t need them because dogs, like wolves and coyotes, aren’t stupid enough to stare up at a solar eclipse and go blind.  Can you see all those poor defenseless wild animals running into trees after staring at an eclipse too long?  No?  Is that because you stared at an eclipse too long?  Ha!

But the light really dim down to dark — not twilight, all the way D-A-R-K.  And the shadows were oddly sharp, too.  Just as predicted.  Also Cheers and Akai got up to some shenanigans while the rest of us were looking skyward, and 2 months later, they had the CREOLE litter.

Here are the dogs & kennels & Mike J. visiting!

Here is a sequence, in order, of the very odd shadows right before, and during, the eclipse.

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