Available KENNEDY


b. 11/11/2022 70# Agouti Alaskan neutered Malamute MALE. AKC limited registration, AVID microchipping, vetted & UTD on vacc., Heartworm, and monthly flea/tick.

Neutering changed this dog’s whole perspective. He was returned to Wayeh by owners who realized they had too much dog on their hands.  They needed a chill, laid-back personality who also worked.  And they did fantastic groundwork with his obedience and discipline, but he was the wrong (intense) fit for their (laidback) household.  Once neutered and now raised by his mom Bayou and sister, he has discovered that life is best when you go along to get along. Kennedy has turned into a mellow fellow.

Still he would be best in a home with an understanding of structure and routine, with a well thought-out exercise plan, which can all give him an outlet for his innate drive and focus.  Even though he is a big puppy at heart.

Recommended for all Available Malamutes, big and small, young and old! 

1) Fenced-in yard for free exercise. Or a serious human athlete with a daily plan for exercising a tenacious breed designed to pull the entire family’s belongings in the most inhospitable place on earth. 

2) A Basic 8-week, public, group obedience class so you bond with them and they learn to trust you outside the home.  If you successfully complete this public, group, obedience class (not in-home or private lessons, which do not provide the SOCIALIZATION aspect of public, group classes,) the owner may apply for a return of up to $200 of their adoption fee.

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