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Clown is out of Mensa and TD, born on MAY DAY (5/1/2015). He is goofy, and won’t hold still for pictures. Not at 2 months, nor at 7 months, which you can see in his gallery below! Clown has a sweet disposition and might get along with other dogs. $300, application, Clown is vetted.

“Giant” Malamute FAQ

There is a natural size range in Alaskan Malamutes, says so right there in our AKC Standard, but that Standard also says that the ideal Malamute should be 75lbs (female) to 85lbs (males).  Thousands of generations have resulted in that size range as the ideal for Malamutes.  Perfection.  There are breeds that should be 150-200…

Malamutes are Dog Aggressive

Malamutes are dog aggressive.  First, Malamutes are all about hierarchy, who’s on top, who’s not, who might be on top last week, but might get shoved out of position this week.  Most of the time it’s same-sex hierarchy struggles that lead to dog aggression, but sometimes it’s opposite-sex.  And then there is small-animal aggression which…