Training Logs 10/11/2019 Hammock

Hammock camping

First outdoor hang with a new style footwell hammock

Morning Trip Report 10/11/2019. So, this is a departure.

Hammock camping is the goal with our Working Pack Dog hikes, and I had the opportunity to car camp and hang my new hammock last night — not in my basement, not in my backyard. So I took the shot, even though my canine hiking buddies had to stay home. It was a perfect clear night, low of 54, and you could track the ISIS space station overhead — amazing looking up at it. Then the nearly full moon. And after it set, the stars, wow.

Perfect chance to dial in the hammock outdoors and figure out what I really did NOT need to bring along.

Sunset from up on the ridge.

Lessons Learned

Down underquilts and dew, not so great together. But I didn’t use a tarp because the skies were so gorgeous. A tarp would’ve kept the dew off.

My new Skyin hammock with the built-in foot wells — LOVED it, completely eliminated knee pressure. And the down top quilt with a built-in footbox worked fine with it, no worries.

Wool socks. Had them, forgot them. Until I needed them. Not enough to get up and find them, I just tucked back in the footwell of the top quilt and was fine. Next time, I’ll put them in the little pocket with my phone and glasses.

Hooded fleece would’ve been better than tee-shirt because of a mysterious cool (not cold) spot between my shoulder blades, which went away when I got away from the dewy down. Long tights worked just fine.

Lovin’ hangin’ my hammock. Because of this:

Good morning, world.

Happy trails.
–SHS, 2019

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