Tori RIP

UWP Wayeh Notorious Cheyenne “Tori”

AKC ptd/INT CH Hudson’s Notorious Nikko WTD “Nikko”
X Aryah Cheyenne Hooker “Mariah”

b. 10/19/06-11/1/2019 (13yo) 23″, 75# skinny working weight @ 6y, gray/white female
10-gen COI 1%, OFA prelimmed EXCELLENT 4m, CERF Clear, Thyroid normal
Breeder/Owner/Handler Sidney Helen Sachs

Tori-nado, Tori Notorious, daughter of the two sweetest Malamutes that ever lived.  Her dam is one of the most gorgeous, most typey Mals to ever walk.  Mariah came to Wayeh late in life and we welcomed her gladly.  Tori Notorious is the best of both parents in temperament and structure.  She is a sweet, affectionate baby and we can’t wait to watch her grow up! 

Her first show and Reserve Winners Bitch — way to go, Tori!

Tori Notorious, whose favorite trick is: “Tori-nado, what happens to the puppy when the wind blows?” (Blow in her face) and she folds flat to the ground and closes her eyes.  Tori is a big boned girl, like her parents, but it is all sugar-sweet.  

She loves being in harness next to her son Wyatt.  She loves hugs and snuggles.  The rest of this stuff is just boring.  Now that she has her UWP, and almost her WTD, we’re training for her AKC RN… it’s on leash and I can talk to her… but hugs are not allowed on course… should be funny, if not fun. 



instert ped table


Tori is first generation Wayeh, both her parents were brought to Wayeh.

She is the dam of Wyatt. Who is the sire of TD.

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