Training Logs 3/8/19 Tryouts


48 degrees, 90% chance of rain. Backpacking Tryouts — Cheers, Mensa & Poppet. Put them in a backpack and take a hike. Since we live in the sticks with miles of woods around, we start from the driveway and go across the fields and up the hill, down the hill, and back home. Easy peasy.

Bonus, I’ll get back in shape… or keel over trying.

They all did great, except I’m ordering backpacks to fit. None of them did. And add the excitement of a new route and a new experience and it was all too much to handle. Also I’m suspecting the routes were a lot further than I originialy thought. Must investigate. And get new packs. And teach them loose leash walking BEFORE we add the backpacks. Too much too soon.

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