2021 Storms: 1/22/22

January 22, 2022 – The third load of metal recycling went this morning. I have been mulling over the wait for bobcat guy and woke up one morning to the idea that I could move the logs out of Yuki’s kennel with a come-along and heavy duty ratchet straps instead of waiting for a bobcat or backhoe. And that’s just what I did. Then started another trailer load of metal recycling with the debris under the log. Then carried up and set up new panels for Yuki’s kennel and the main entrance to the agility yard.. Tomorrow I will continue down the row, salvaging what panels I can and replacing the ones that need it. Still need lots more, but guys, its been 5 weeks staring at that infernal tree and thinking, Will this ever be back? and now I can see it. It’s really happening. Woot! And none of this possible without Dan Giles’ tireless work, Again, Thanks, Sherry Gile for loaning him to me. Once again.

The above pics are: the panel squashed by the Infernal tree; the infernal tree ratcheted off the pad to lay there and rot, the pad cleared of vines and bark, and the first two panels up; and the first kennel replaced, and the main yard gate replaced finally, yippee!

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