2021 Storms: 1/2/22

January 2, 2022 – Storm Clean Update. Thank you, everyone, For your kindness, for sending supplies, for bringing help, for sending support. I will make a list of everyone, but for now, please know, this whole nightmare took me down to my knees, and you guys are propping me up. I am out of quarantine for Covid, I’m still wheezy in the humidity, but powering through. The biggest log is still in Yuki’s kennel (sickeningly.) It’s too wet to get machinery in there, so it will have to be cut up with a bigger saw than I have and rolled out of the way. The massive brushpile inside the driveway fence needs to be burned. The massive burnpile outside the fence I am leaving to rot. I am carving out little islands of order in this mountainous pile of chaos with my tee-tiny 8″ 18v chainsaws. With the warm temps between Christmas and New Years I got my fields and yard mowed (twice) and started another brushpile inside the downhill kennel yard (to be burned later in the spring.) Supplies: I have most of the replacement kennel panels, block pavers, 2x4s and plywood, no climb horse fence for perimeter, and shade tarps here at the house. Realized I still need 10′ top rails to replace smashed kennel roofs.

There is more, much more, to do here in order to get back to where we were. Some of it can just peck away at, one bite of the elephant at a time. Some of it I need extra hands to accomplish. Some of it is hire work. But there are brighter days ahead.

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