TNMush Old Dixie Lee 1/6/2002

Nephew Jordan and Niece Allison and several very interested neighborhood kids came out to watch us running the 3-wheeled cart in the snow (slush) — Jordan went along for rides, to be a dog-handler, and to take his turn driving.  6 miles for Team Wayeh – John (red) & Nu (black) in lead; Summer (gray) & Tom T. (black) at swing; Bess (light red) & Jazz (dark red) at wheel.

Take 2 – add 6 more miles for Team Wayeh – Tom (left lead), Singer (rt lead), Nu (swing), Egret (gray @ wheel) and John (red @ wheel).  And Jordan in basket <G>  Which was just under 100# for each of them to pull.

Jordan who always says, “Let me try….”  So I did.

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