TNMush Millstone 1/13/01

Great Southern Sled Dog Run 
@ Millstone Mountain 1/13/01

Thanks Pat Shivers (Basenjis) for taking these pictures!

Team Batot — Sacco cart and 2 Malamutes

Team Wayeh/Sleddog Rescue – Bob Greene dog handling during hookup

Team Wayeh/Sleddog Rescue – Sidney Helen Sachs telling Tom T. he can’t eat her safety light

Team McCracken — taking off

Thanks Suzanne West (Border Collies and Sammies) for taking these pictures

All of us at the cemetery.
Team Batot on left with Lane and his 2 Malamutes
Team Williams on right with Dakota, Nala, Shawna & the scooter

Team McCracken — Susie’s yellow Cart & Team & Kelly’s Chase Truck – Siberian Taz & Siberian Shasta in lead, Siberian Amber & Siberian Tundra & Malamute/Samoyed Nikki at wheel.

Team Wayeh — Sidney Helen Sachs with Malamutes Tom T. & Summer in lead; Bob Greene’s Malamute Singer & Siberian Nu-Nu in team; Siberians Tosha & John at wheel. (John Moyers holding the brake!)
(Team Asgard coming up behind)

Team Asgard — DruAnne Martin (son Russell in front) with Malamute Montana and Alaskan Husky Axel in lead; Suzanne West’s Border Collie and Alaskan Malamute Dawn at wheel.

Thanks John Moyers (Malamutes) for taking these pictures!

Team Wayeh – Sidney Helen Sachs running Malamutes Tom T. & Summer in lead; Siberian Nu-Nu & Malamute Singer at team; (John Moyers’) Malamute Yana & Siberian John at wheel.

Team Wayeh

Team Wayeh

Team Wayeh in front.  (Siberian Tosha at wheel instead of Malamute Yanna)
Team Williams switched drivers for a while, so Suzanne West got to drive the scooter and Shawna Williams ran the Border Collie.

Team Wayeh & Sleddog Rescue coming up behind Team Williams — oops 

Thanks Shawna Williams (Siberians) for taking these pictures!

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