Maestro RIP

AKC ptd/INT CH Wayeh Singn N Howln Masasyu WTD UWP “Maestro”

CH Tessa’s Sir Charles CGC “Charles”
X AKC/INT CH Wayeh’s Soul Song CGC RN WTD WLD “Singer”

WS07324603, b. 9/9/03-9/4/18, 25″/80# skinny working weight, Gray Sable/white male
10-gen COI 3%, OFA Excellent, CERF Clear. Thyroid Normal
Breeder/Owner/Handler Sidney Helen Sachs
Co-owner/Stud Owner Lori Hicks/Masasyu
Short Pedigree, & Generations, (Littermates), Maestro’s Picture Page

I tried to find this boy another place to live. I worked very hard to find just the right place to put him… But from the beginning, there was an air about him, there was something that “spoke” to me. My plans did NOT include keeping a male…. Since when are Malamutes known for their slavish obedience? Maestro stayed, he’s a fixture now. What would we do without his hoarse little self starting and stopping every sing — sometimes we think the others sing just to drown out his horrible voice. Maestro who is king of the dopey-eyed looks, Maestro who is king of the ding-a-lings, Maestro who is himself and has matured into a gorgeous, elegant Malamute.

Maestro is a Seal Sable. In the summer, without a lot of undercoat, he’s a seal/white. But when that lush red sable undercoat comes in starting in the fall, he’s a full, rich black sable.

Winners Dog, First point, and Best of Winners under Judge Charles Trotter. ‘Stro is finally growing up. Franklin 2007 2 major reserves & BOB!

Sunny’s brother Maestro is a maniac in harness. He is either in the sled or out front leading, ears pinned back, and digging for Nome. He doesn’t have a slow gear, it’s upside down or PULL. He also dances across tabletops, too, especially the one at the VBS adult special ed. class, papers scattering everywhere, tongue kissing, tail wagging, woo-woo Look at ME! They did. And now he can’t pass up a table, there might be kisses!

Charles X Singer kids, Sunny & Maestro, earned my first UKC weightpull titles, and their sister Storm is hot on their heels. Stro, when he’s not doing the whirly-twirly girl thing, puts his head down and PULLS.



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Maestro is the sire of Kiowa of the BEAR Litter.

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